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  1. Yeah, cheers, that works although still feels strange to have a third of deaths in fully vaccinated people.
  2. I'm confused about the figures. Last week Public Health England announced that of the 42 people known to have died from the delta variant 12 were fully vaccinated and had their second jab more than two weeks prior to death. That's 29%. They're now saying that two jabs of AZ is 92% effective against serious disease (hospitalisation and death). Where did that come from then? Appreciate it's an estimate but I can't get my head around these two figures. Surely if two jabs was 92% effective then we should have seen something like 3-4 (or lower) deaths of vaccinated people out of 42?
  3. Americans who insist they're of a different nationality such as (and in particular) Irish Americans and Italian Americans. No, you're fucking American. This can also extend to anyone who bangs on about being a quarter this or that. It's a cry for attention and a way to differentiate themselves from the crowd and it doesn't impress me. We've got a woman at work who has one great grandparent from Ireland - she went to Ireland for the first time ever in her 30's and pronounced it like "going home". Unbelievable.
  4. I'll confess to not being the most avid of England fans but seems a bit churlish to decide not to support them just because JWP isn't in the squad. I'll be cheering them on anyway (not that I'm expecting them to win it). If I'm honest I don't really think JWP would have played even if he had made the squad - about the best thing he has going for him is dead ball delivery but he has to be on the pitch in order for that to make any difference and going on past team selections that was always going to be unlikely. Least this way his reputation will be enhanced should England have a shocker.
  5. Yep, good read. This is the kind of thing I expect to see from the Athletic.
  6. If we're looking at players that fit the "young, big wages at big club but needs to play" then I'd rather we went for Maitland-Niles than Loftus-Cheek. Would fit our system much better and would provide cover at left back. RLC is a decent player but he doesn't suit our style of play and has been treading water for too long now.
  7. Did you bollocks. You said he was good enough as cover and there were other areas that needed more urgent attention. Stand up for yourself and your opinions instead of revising them. I questioned you on how much you had seen and you were pretty much unequivocal that having watched him at youth and U21 level that he was good enough as cover.
  8. You thought Jankewitz was good enough as cover for the midfield position, make your mind up.
  9. Yeah, funnily enough this cropped up at work a while ago. Once I'd figured it out, I wondered why they needed the term until I realised it was because otherwise you would refer to people who identify with the sex assigned at birth as "normal". Kind of makes sense although seems a tad unnecessary.
  10. I would piss myself laughing if UEFA ban them all from European football next season 🤣🤣🤣
  11. They’ve shot their load now. The only power they had was the threat of a breakaway league and now everyone knows they ain’t got the balls for it. Hopefully this is an opportunity to make sure things are in place to ensure it never happens again and also an opportunity for greater governance within the premier league. Another positive is that the other 14 clubs in the premier league will realise that together they can gang up on the big 6.
  12. As I understand it all the US sports within a closed system also have mechanisms in place to ensure competition and prevent teams from becoming all powerful - things like the draft system. There's nothing being talked about like that (at least at the moment). This is just a pure unadulterated greed. Agree with your points although I'm loathe to criticise fans on this. It's not their fault and the vast majority oppose it. Sure, every fan wants a rich owner to pump money into their club and enable them to win things but they still want to win things within the current existing framewor
  13. So here are my proposals for retaliation (possibly not legal though) 1. Clubs to be expelled from domestic leagues and competitions when current TV deals expire. 2. Clubs that are participating in super league and domestic leagues (because of current TV deal) to start each season with -30 points. 3. Players and managers to be excluded from international football unless contract was signed prior to 19/04/2021. Once a new contract is signed or extended after this date the players and managers are excluded from international football and continue to be excluded for a period of
  14. Yeah, if it's a separate subscription then it'll be interesting to see how that plays out. Obviously the fans of the respective clubs will subscribe but I doubt many others will, meanwhile it leaves UEFA free to go back to the old European competition formats which I would certainly be more interested in. Champions League is boring beyond belief when compared to the old European Cup. As many have said I also doubt the premier league will have the balls to kick out the big six although I hope they do. My ideal scenario is for this to happen and the big six effectively kicked out of football
  15. How bad would we need to be to play badly in your eyes? We were awful - no shots on target, no attacking threat whatsoever and no idea of what to to do with the ball. It's the FA Cup semi final and to go out with a gutless performance like that is criminal.
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