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  1. Fair play to everyone at the club - work they've put in deserves this. One of the great things is it's so difficult to pick a man of the match as virtually everyone had a blinder - harried, pressured, brave on the ball and helped out their team mates when needed. Exceptional team performance all round with almost total commitment and, as a fan, you can't ever ask for more than that. Special mention to Che Adams - have to confess I never quite thought he'd make it (and if you look through my posts I've said that). Hold my hands up - wrong! Guy is developing into a cross between Keegan
  2. Indeed, brexiteers have never pretended to give a fuck about the working man.
  3. Well you said the media output which includes TV news doesn't it? Perhaps you should be a bit more precise when you frame these things otherwise you're in danger of people taking you at your word. As I say, don't really want to get into the whole BBC bias. I don't think it is but it's a personal opinion and you couldn't really measure it even if you wanted to so I'm not going to convince you. Pretty effing obvious we don't have the equivalent of Hannity, Tucker Carlson or even Anderson Cooper on British TV let alone the BBC so in that respect TV output between the countries is not the same
  4. When it comes to TV news that, frankly, is rubbish. Both Fox and CNN rarely provide a dissenting voice or try to show the other side of the argument whereas all UK TV news invariably does. I'll grant you the print media is biased and obviously so but that doesn't apply to the TV channels. Of course if you're looking for bias then you're going to get it whether it exists or not but you only need to spend half an hour comparing any UK TV news output with both Fox and CNN to see that the two countries are not comparable. Indeed we even have ofcom there to ensure impartiality whereas the US ab
  5. I wonder what Fox News position was on George W Bush or Reagan? Both capable of forgetting names and appearing senile. To be honest I don't think many sensible people would say Biden is the best Democrat to be president - but he is the one with the best chance of beating Trump and getting elected. He's inoffensive and doesn't give people a reason not to vote for him - you can tell this because Trump and the rest of the republican party have reverted to the tried and trusted tactic of calling him a radical left socialist. What a joke. I hope that if/when Biden does get elected and if they
  6. Loads of interesting things about Trump testing positive: Effectively gives him just over two weeks of active campaigning before the election (assuming he recovers well). Does that help or hinder him? Americans are patriotic - will he get some kind of boost in the polls because of sympathy? If he's not seriously ill will this encourage Trump supporting people who doubt the severity of the illness anyway to further ignore restrictions? How do the democrats play this? Attacking a bloke who is seriously ill rarely goes down well. If Trump doesn't have a serious reaction
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