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  1. It's really difficult to find the data but could it be that France simply isn't testing as many people and we're picking up more mild and asymptomatic cases than France? I tried looking for hospitalisations data which would probably be a more reliable indicator than cases to see where we compare with France but couldn't find anything. I'd also like to see our hospitalisations and deaths broken down by age, co-morbidities and vaccination status.
  2. I agree and well said. I think all our players are brilliant. Every single one of them. I also think the manager is awesome. In fact I'm staggered by why we're not top of the league given our brilliant players and awesome manager.
  3. Where have I said other opinions are not welcome? Of course you're welcome to share an opinion but don't pretend anyone is all that bothered about what you have to say. All I'm doing is pointing out that saying Southampton is a shithole is a subjective opinion - it's neither right nor wrong just your opinion. Personally I couldn't care less what your opinion is but I do care if you're going to make a statement masquerading as fact when in fact it isn't - it's just what you happen to think. That's fine but don't make it true.
  4. It's a subjective opinion. I hate to break it to you but it's only your opinion and no one cares about it.
  5. There’s no way in hell your opinion is better than mine. Find a website to prove it. Seriously though this kind of reply gets my goat, it’s a subjective opinion. I disagree with you, so does the England manager and so do a fair amount of people on this thread. Doesn’t make us right or wrong, it’s just an opinion.
  6. Yeah, I’d take Phillips over JWP but I’m worried that’s just my opinion. I tried to look for the website that tells me which players are definitively better than others, you know like FACT, but couldn’t find it. Anyone got a link?
  7. That's really shit. All the best to you and your wife, hope you hear good news soon and a late winner.
  8. Very sad news, was just listening to faded seaside glamour the other day. RIP Greg
  9. Yeah, to be honest I didn’t actually see it and I do understand the sentiment. Just looks bad if you have someone attempting to silence someone else based on gender, ethnicity or whatever. I do think the left, for want of a better name, has a problem in that it’s perceived to be biased against your typical white male, or at least isn’t that interested in them. I’m not so sure anyone at a labour conference needs to be encouraged to speak either. Diane Abbot never seems to have any problems with shyness…..
  10. So it sounds like you want to treat anyone who isn't a white male differently - that's sexist and racist. I understand your argument and I understand the intention behind it which are well meaning but it really doesn't help. In fact it's incredibly patronising (you've just compared people who aren't white and male to children). Equal rights are exactly that - they're applied equally to all people regardless of any protected characteristic. I'm no fan of the Tories but they've had two women PMs and countless minorities in their cabinets and they did that without giving them special dispens
  11. Tough call innit? Without Cameron there would have been no Brexit and without Brexit Boris wouldn't be prime minister. Therefore Cameron is the biggest fuckwit for creating the environment for Boris to be where he is.
  12. That's pretty much my take on it as well. According to Ipsos Mori about one percent of people thought it was the most important issue in December 2015. Most people really weren't that bothered. It was weak of Cameron to agree to a referendum just to satisfy his own party but even worse was his incompetence when it came to framing the question - a straight forward YES/NO would always throw up more questions than it answered. When the Aussies had their referendum in '99 over keeping Mrs Saxe-Coburg-Gothe as their head of state they didn't give the electorate a choice on getting rid of her.
  13. With regard to the 1975 referendum, it was to decide whether to remain in the EU after having joined it two and a half years previously. So the equivalent would have been to leave the EU in 2014 and then hold a referendum in 2016 on continuing to remain out of the EU. Point being that you were voting on a known entity to an extent. In 1975 they knew what being in the EU was like as they’d had a decent amount of time to assess it. In 2016 we were asked to vote on leaving without anyone knowing what that would entail beyond vague promises and predictions.
  14. I pretty much agree with this but you have to wonder why Major and Cameron didn't tell it like it was and why Ken Clarke suffered for doing exactly that. It was at least partly because of the euro sceptic wing of the Tory party. As you've said - telling it like it is meant you didn't become leader of the (tory) party. I think you're right that stronger leadership would have meant a stronger remain argument during the referendum but lets not pretend that argument would have been easy, winnable or even possible on the Tory side at least. On a completely different note I've just seen Pete
  15. I'm not sure why you keep insisting that Armstrong is better than Ings. Practically no one agrees with that.
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