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  1. Oh I dont know. I thought Dani Osvaldo was a good signing so Im staying well out of this one.
  2. Hi mate, really not having a dig at you but genuinely interested, how can you feel any warmth towards him ? He took the piss out of the club, not just with 90% of his pathetic performances on the pitch, but perhaps even worse than that, didnt he mock us on social media ( I dont follow it avidly so maybe Im wrong) when Charlie Austin was leaving ? For me this is one player who doesnt deserve a fond farewell. A complete pisstaker on many levels, but like I say maybe Ive missed something.
  3. Ive been reading this topic for the last few days and havent chipped in for reasons that Ill explain in a minute and was going to stay in the background til I read Ottawas comment, but what he said and what Ive highlighted is the reason Im chipping in now. Im not sure Ive read every single post on this topic, so apologies if this has been said before or if Im being in any way unclear. My point is, reading the comments over the last few days I did wonder how many people on here have actually faced any racist abuse and what it actually feels like. I myself am from an ethnic minority ( jewish, s
  4. This is absolutely bang on and pretty much what I said to someone earlier on today.
  5. This is my opinion as well, but I get the impression that we, as supporters are split down the middle on this. Some say take the 20m and invest, others ( me included) are with the above comment. His goals are easily worth the 20mil
  6. Yeah this was pretty much what I was thinking watching the game. He looked great, but we've done really well with KWP so I have no complaints.
  7. I tend to agree with this. I think its incredibly tough for a player whos had very little playing time to come to a new team halfway thru a season and have a big impact. At first I was very excited when he came to us but Like most people my disappointment grew, however I do believe, for the reason I stated that he should be given more of a chance once hes settled and become a little more used to the way we play. I do believe that there is a talented player in there. I know as fans we all want to see an immediate result but sometimes, for certain players you need a bit of patience. Hopefully
  8. Not sure why people are upset JWP is missing out. Im chuffed hes having a break.
  9. Hi mate, Just to let you know, Ive got a lifelong friend, who doesnt BS me, very close to all the players and senior management at spurs ( was even on the amazon docu) and hes been telling me for years what an unpleasant piece of work Rose is. Not just despised by the other players but also by all the clubs backroom staff. Really not ideal for changing room unity.
  10. Dont rwally think we deserved to lose that, but you can see how much better their forwards are compared to ours. Theyve got players who can make something out of nothing. Quite simply........we havent
  11. Having said that Vests sending off against Leicester.........WTAF !!!!
  12. Cash handball for me all day. I mean, it was blatant, even the Villa fans were saying so. Also If we get that and score the penalty i think we win that game as we were the beater team and it would also stop us having that awful run. I still feel like punching myself in the face thinking about that decision. It was at that point that I realised I dont understand the rules of football anymore.
  13. You see, I dont get this. He really isnt an acceptable player for the premier league for the reasons that I mentioned on this thread two days ago. Im not someone who flipflops on my opinion of him also. Hes a winger who can't beat a defender. Who can't finish a one on one. He goes half heartedly into challenges, but to be honest, the list goes on, but the one thing, the one thing that constantly stands out, the one thing that i believe makes the difference between the premier league and the leagues below, is the decision making and he nearly always chooses the wrong decision. Out of evetythin
  14. As football fans, I feel we can all be a little fickle at times - the two go hand in hand - but altho he was once POTY, he has been an empty shirt for quite some time. He has one good game against a championship team and a couple of " he did alright " games and fans forget how awful he has been in the preceding 30 - 40 games. For me, if we can get a fee, he needs to move on. A winger should have you on the edge of your seat and with Redmond Im expecting him to lose the ball or pass it backwards, and Im normally bang on. Even Djenepo, who lets be honest, no one knows whats gonna happen next, i
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