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  1. Yeah, got to agree with this. We were 2 up against the run of play and they had so many chances ( in the first half mainly down to our sloppiness). Its never nice to lose from that position but Im not devastated about the final score. Theyve got so much more quality than us its riduculous, but they are who they are and we are who we are. As has already been mentioned a few times on here, when youve got someone like Cavani as an impact sub and we chuck on Long, I mean what can you do. Its nice to be in a good position in the league so it doesnt hurt or worry me too much.
  2. I think we're all going to agree that we're happy with a point there. I didn't realise how tough Wolves are to break down. We seemed to be afraid to play quicker forward passes at times, but really no complaints about the performance. Vest my MoM.
  3. Who else keeps singing we are top of the league to themselves ? Its the first thing I did when I woke up.
  4. Its essentially the same as the Everton game. We just swarmed all over them and steam rollered them out of the game. They couldnt deal with us. Cant believe Im saying that about the Saints. Enjoy the game.
  5. Once again, so many players you can pick for MoM, the very definition once again of the team playing for each other. Armstrong would edge it for me. Still can't believe we're top of the league, for however long. We totally deserve the praise for the way we're playing at the moment. Also, someone on here mentioned it a few days ago, but I think Bertrand was obviously a bigger loss than Ings today. Felt very stifled down our left, didnt it. Anyway, what a very satisfying few days to be alive.
  6. Tbh, Im feeling quite positive about this. Obviously hes a miss, but as has been stated a number of times we can share the goals around which has been happening. On top of that, imagine if we do keep playing well and winning games. Theres no reason we wont, I mean we wont win all of them but if we do pick up points whilst Ings is out itll be a great boost to have him back whilst the team is still firing Im a glass half full kind of guy. By feeling positive I also mean that my initial thought when I saw him go down was that he was done for the season.
  7. I feel like weeping
  8. Yeah I just saw that. What a knobhead
  9. I, for one, am loving your positivity. 👍 However Im a little bit more nervous, especially with Dannys reaction to it. Its gonna be a long 24 hours til we find out.
  10. Why is it weve won away and scored 4 goals yet Im really bloody irritated to concede 3. Bit annoying how we fell away after the fourth.
  11. What really really hacked me off was their perspective of the first goal. Oh yes, they let the player drift. They switched off. Terrible marking. Horseshite. Nothing about him moving into space and losing his marker. Nothing about the lovely flick in the first place. Nothing about the great one two or the perfect thru ball. All they focused on were Everton mistakes. Couple of dullards !!
  12. Wow, what a team performance. How you pick a MoM from that is beyond me. Cant think of one bad performer. What a cracking win which I didnt see coming. COYS
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