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  1. With his recent improvement I would choose Adams. He's looked good with Walcott in the last couple of games and playing better and scoring can only boost his confidence. Obafemi is more of a sub. He has come off the bench and scored some lovely goals but I'm not sure about the whole 90minutes. However, as with Danny Ings at the moment, an injury can happen at any time so perhaps the club may keep him, just in case.
  2. That should reduce their fan base by about 75%. 😄 Glory hunters at the end of the day, except there isn't much glory at the moment and long may that continue!
  3. Agreed. Please let us beat Man U. My son-in-law will be a nightmare if they beat us.
  4. I'll stop worrying then and look forward to his goal fest.
  5. I was hoping we would have bought a steady little striker in the transfer window. I always felt it was a blinkered view to keep relying so much on Danny Ings. Who do we have who will be a 20+ goal a season player for us? Adams is gradually improving but it is a big ask to expect him to fill Ings's boots. I have a feeling of dread that Long will be on, missing chances a 5 year old could put away and smiling about it. He does my head in when he does that!
  6. Whenever the commentators drone on about THAT result I try to stay positive because it gave Ralph and the team the kick up the backside they all needed and we have had a different team since then. Every cloud..........
  7. He was on the touchline waiting to come on very near the end of the game. He must surely look at yesterday's performance and see that only injuries or illness to the first choice strikers will result in him getting a game. I thoroughly enjoyed watching our Saints and I didn't need Long to come on, miss a goal that Stevie Wonder would have scored and then smile about it. He does my head in when he does that!
  8. If I have to hear many more commentators going on about that 0-9 score line, I will plead severe provocation when I appear in court. Let it drop for pity's sake. I was very proud to be a Saints fan today. So hard to pick a MOTM. It is lovely to see the spirit they have as a team. Results like this boosts their confidence no end.
  9. One of our better managers, Alan Ball and, heaven help us, we have had some right turkeys in our time.
  10. As long as Ings keeps clear of Pickford..............................
  11. I am biased towards Matt because we were born on the same little island. That aside he was a great footballer. Not the nippiest in the world as he would be the first to admit but, boy, could he score goals from nothing. Plus, he was loyal to Southampton, something in short supply in today's football.
  12. I appreciate that VVD isn't the most popular ex-Saints player but I don't like to see any footballer get a serious injury, particularly from a reckless challenge. He was never going to stay at Southampton long term and very likely has ideas to move from Liverpool for one of the top Euro teams. You can't knock him for having ambitions. This injury may well put paid to that. There is a statistician amongst us, I am sure, who can come up with a long list of good footballers who have never come back from a serious injury to be the player they once were. Southampton's Jay Rodriquez springs to mind
  13. Adams was my MOTM. I have had my doubts about him in the past but all credit to him yesterday, he kept at it with good play throughout the pitch and a well deserved goal. Hope this sets him up for the season.
  14. I was getting worried at 2-0 down with our backs to the wall. All credit to the Saints for not giving in and getting a point.
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