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  1. Spurs have sacked Jose this morning. He hasn't done a brilliant job but I thought they might have given him until the end of the season. Wonder if he fancies St. Mary's?🙄
  2. The word 'tired' in relation to footballers gets my goat. Yes, it has been a full-on season played in empty stadiums but when you have the chance to get to Wembley to play in a Cup Final, 'tiredness' shouldn't come into it. These are healthy young men, fully trained and able to play 90+ minutes of football. They receive a very nice pay packet, thanks very much, for doing that. Where was the pride of wearing a Saints shirt, the determination to give 100%, the dream of getting to Wembley and the fire in their bellies? Cup Finals don't come around too often for Southampton. To hardly turn up for
  3. Makes me laugh that Spurs, Arsenal and Man Utd who think they are good enough for a Super League aren't even good enough for this season's Champions League. Good riddance to them. However, if it falls flat on its face, tough. No coming back.
  4. My heart says Saints, obviously but my head is not in agreement. If Brendan Rogers watched us against West Brom he is probably getting measured for his Cup Final suit. Still, it is the Cup, so who knows. I would be ecstatic with a win especially to wipe that smile of Vardy's smug face. COYS!!!
  5. Saints fell off a cliff after that game. That was Ralph's peak.
  6. Managers styles are different. Some will want to watch from the stands. Others like Antonio Conte spend the match having convulsions on the touchline. The Van Gael style of management is to sit through the game writing in a notepad. They all do it their way. I used to like watching Barry Fry. He put everything he had into 90 minutes.
  7. All credit to West Brom. They have been stuck in 19th place for most of the season and despite their wins against Chelsea and us, they are still 19th in mid-April. It is still mathematically probable for them to escape relegation but it is a big ask, especially as Newcastle have the likes of Saint-Maximin back in their team. Some teams would have given up by now and accepted the inevitable but not West Brom, it seems. They were better all over the pitch and played with a sense of purpose that Saints did not possess. Ralph will get the blame from some but just look at the squad he has. His 1st
  8. After the international break, it doesn't take Mike Dean long to get back in his stride. Brighton should have been awarded a penalty in their match against Man U but the great Mike Dean just ignores that. The bloke's a joke.
  9. Chillingly similar to the young white girls who were abused by Asian grooming gangs and not believed by police or social workers for many years. Their inaction, like the jury in the football trial, handed their abusers a free ticket to keep on doing it.
  10. If you go missing then.............................🙄
  11. Here we go. There would have been moans and groans had a white applicant got the job and there's still moans and groans now an 'ethnic minority' candidate has been appointed. Whatever happens, someone has to pick it all apart and look for the racist element so they can get on their soap box and start preaching. I am getting sick and tired of it. Surely if he is the best candidate for the job, that's what matters. Good luck to the bloke.
  12. Their star scorer Pen must have been injured as well. How they are 2nd in the League is a mystery to me.
  13. It's nice to feel wanted at times and the quarter final teams must all have wanted Southampton in the semi. Having watched Leicester take a woeful Man U apart last night 😄 it will be a very difficult game but this is the FA Cup so who knows. One thing you can be sure of is that the commentators won't hold back reminding us of THAT result over and over again.
  14. The times they do that. It drives me round the bend. Hoof it up the front and hope for the best. More chance of scoring than faffing around at the back tippy-tapping to each other.
  15. I hated Ian Branfoot. The bloke couldn't have run a raffle far less a football team. I prefer Ralph to him any day.
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