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  1. Ralph celebrates 3 years as Saints manager. The longest managerial stint in the Premier League for a Southampton boss. He has had his ups and downs but given the squad and money available I think he has done a decent job. There are most certainly worse managers and we have had most of those.
  2. Thankfully we don't have Mike Dean anywhere near this match. Villa have the pleasure of his company.
  3. Good point. Years ago nobody had heard of a manager 'losing the dressing room' and there were some very strong characters about in those days. So why does it seem to happen more and more in the modern game? Are the players earning too much money? Has social media inflated their egos? If you can believe paper talk, Poch is struggling to cope with big personalities like Neymar, Mbappe and Messi at PSG so if he goes to United will it just be more of the same rubbish on the pitch? Oh, I do hope so. 😁
  4. Ronaldo is a world class player, without a doubt, but why would Man U want to build a young team around him? He's 36 and age will affect his game no matter how fit he keeps himself. How many years does he have left in top flight football? What they need first and foremost is a top manager. No more of this jobs for the boys sentimentality. Nostalgia doesn't win trophies. Whoever takes over needs to get the players moving. Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool have players who know the game plan and run all match to implement it. If they lose the ball they go and get it back, they pass up the field. T
  5. Henderson has a bloody nerve. He organised a flight with a pilot he knew did not have the necessary qualifications but none of that mattered because he was getting mega money for it. The evidence against him at his trial was huge with incriminating e-mails, hoping others would lie to save his sorry skin. He received 18 months which I consider an insult to the family of Sala and the pilot, Ibbotson. I hope the judge locks him up and throws away the key.
  6. Gerrard was a very good footballer. The trouble is he will long be remembered for THAT slip. Probably still gives him nightmares. 😃
  7. I had a chuckle at that too. If you must have Farke as a surname you must expect a few remarks. 😁
  8. Let them hang on for Solksjaer. He ought to be available soon with his mind blowing CV from the Scooby-Doo Acadamy of Football Management.
  9. These 1-0 wins scorelines are putting years on me. Great to be beating teams around us and moving up the table but I would like to see our hard work and improvement on the pitch produce a few more goals for comfort. Should get a win next game against Norwich, surely.
  10. We will just have to wait and see, won't we?
  11. Good post. I was not surprised by Walcott's crappy effort, had to watch Long's with eyes half shut and feared for the pressure put on Smallbone who looked scared to death. If a manager asks for volunteers, fair enough but then take the responsibility of putting those in order starting with those with the best chance of scoring. I feel we mucked up a golden opportunity to get to the next round. It hurts.
  12. When this draw was pulled out of the hat I thought that was it. Playing the European champions at Stamford Bridge would be a big ask but all credit to Saints they put in a solid and encouraging performance. We can build on that and hopefully lift ourselves out of the bottom half of the league. Some posters have said how happy they feel. Well, I don't. I feel really dejected that penalties finished us off. I wasn't confident at all in seeing Walcott, Long and Smallbone step up to take one. I don't know what Ralph's procedure is on penalties. Does he ask for volunteers or choose them himself? Wh
  13. I agree with you. It comes to something when Souness and Carragher are talking more sense about the way forward for Man U than Neville. There seems too much sentimentality at Old Trafford for the players who were there when Ole played. Jobs and extended contracts for the boys. Personally I hope Ole stays. I detest Manchester United and their arrogant sense of entitlement. He may be a rubbish manager but for entertainment value, he's first class.😁
  14. How can Ralph be in bother for telling the truth? What the FA should do, but won't, is to look at Mike Dean. Did he instigate this charge or was it the FA? I have heard managers say much worse things than what Ralph said but if Dean can find a way to cause problems for certain clubs, Saints being one of them, he will. He gets off on it, I reckon. Odious little creep.
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