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  1. Exactly. And it's not like he'd have made any impact if Brighton had stuck it in the top corner. Absolutely disgraceful decision.
  2. I would say when he's in good form Redmond is a very good player, his biggest issue has always been huge highs and lows in confidence/form.
  3. Brings back memories of Beckham playing "Quarterback" for England.
  4. Ah, I thought gambling odds were randomly chosen using a tombola. Thanks for putting me right.
  5. Seems a touch generous. I would put us in the "probably wont go down" bracket and no more than 5/1, but maybe I'm too pessimistic.
  6. Not meaning to sound facetious but is there any reason you wouldn't take public transport? Get a training in and walk down. I always prefer that to trying to drive in on a busy evening.
  7. Fuckin' hell, I really don't think you're this dim. You do realise saying "should we just have no discrimination" doesn't make it so? There are still problems with homophobia in football, even if things are getting better, and if the club does things to support the LGBT community, be it through murals or safe spaces or whatever, then it's a good thing. Not really sure what people are trying to achieve by objecting to it. And as for the "I haven't seen anything" crowd, get yourselves back to school and understand the difference between "I haven't seen" and "It doesn't happen".
  8. No idea on individuals, but clearly our attack isn't great so you'd expect there to be opportunities for any of the youngsters scoring in the youth teams.
  9. Wouldn't count would it? Would need a deflection.
  10. I think there's a lot of sense in that as our #10s are clearly not firing and Diallo looks handy.
  11. The excessive and unsuccessful spending is why Chris Wilder isn't very popular amongst Sheff Utd fans despite the two promotions.
  12. Armstrong needs to be closer to the goal, his touch and turns are very good but he's always 25 yards out.
  13. Villa winning, turning into a bad day.
  14. Shooting is too slow as well, need to get the shots of quicker.
  15. Indeed. It sounds like an oxymoron.
  16. Excuse my ignorance, but how can you "attempt" manslaughter? Surely the whole premise of manslaughter is its without intent?
  17. I assume that by appealing he risks having his sentenced increased? Tbh, it sounds like he is the primary person culpable for the death of two people, should probably take the 18 months and run (well not literally as he can't).
  18. Sounds like she's struggling with guilt for the way Meghan and Harry were treated.
  19. As we all know forum polls are legally binding, so it appears they're actually pretty happy with Smith up there
  20. Last manager to win us a trophy, Southampton legend.
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