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  1. He liked the last 2 Southampton Instagram posts, the tease.
  2. Could it make more sense to try and sell him now? Get more money and have half a season to adjust.
  3. Indeed. Still feels like a very cheap price though.
  4. £2 million! Either Bayer have a crack negotiating team, or there is something off with Gray that is keeping the price down.
  5. Problem with Chinese money is you have to pay 100% tax to take it out the country, so 9% is a snip.
  6. Chris Wilder has attempted to overtake that mantle with the signings of Morrison, Burke and Rodwell in the last year or so. Hope it's going well for them!
  7. Yeah, really like the look of him, he's clearly very strong physically but he also has quick feet and good technique to his shooting. Hopefully he gets a couple of starts this season.
  8. Pelle is a 75 on Fifa, Adams is a 74 on Fifa and you think Pelle isn't good enough 🤣
  9. Buying another first team striker would be a real power move and show intent. However, we would have to move a couple of players on, either on loan or permanently I'd have thought.
  10. Nothing wrong with "good", but it's good to mix up your language to inject some colour in to life.
  11. Guess that was ezeir for him.
  12. I hope it goes ahead, would be good to give a games to half a dozen fringe players. I know we should take it seriously as winning the cup would be dope, but if the second string can't beat Shrewsbury, it would be good to know sooner rather than later.
  13. Hopefully Salisu can play in the re-arranged fixture.
  14. We're catching up on our highest ever position of 30th which the great Puel managed to navigate us to.
  15. It also gives us the option to change to a midfield 3 and push the remaining 3 forward if the 4-2-2-2 isn't working. I think those 3 are mobile enough to make that work. We've clearly got a very good plan A, would be good to have a plan B we can easily pivot to.
  16. I assume after Le Tissier, channels worry there might be something in the Southampton water that turns people into conspiracy cabbages. Not worth the risk.
  17. Assuming the suspension would have been for the Shrewsbury game, then it's just plain negligent to not get a tactical yellow!
  18. The very thought just made me shudder. Valery was great last night but I never want to see him at right back in a premier league game, especially up against Vardy and Barnes.
  19. Amazed there wasn't more interest in Eze (maybe there was), he's a very talented young player and they paid a relatively decent price for him. Great signing for them.
  20. Good, that would be a good fit and give him the opportunity to sink or swim.
  21. He cant defend very well which is a problem for a defender. Needs to go somewhere that plays attacking wing backs or re-establish himself further forward. He's very good on the ball.
  22. All our disallowed goals we correctly disallowed.couple of the penalty decisions could have gone our way, maybe. I dont think we've been particularly unlucky and dont want ours to be a "wow is me" fanbase like some others.
  23. Ha! Almost 2 points per game would be incredible. I think 6 would be a very good result. I think 4.
  24. What a player hes become. A combination of settling on a position and getting constant game time.
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