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  1. It's a forum. Nobody on here would say half the shit they do to someone's face and definitely not the cricket man so all good here. 😅
  2. I just really, really would have liked somebody else, not because I'm worried about losing, but we get this fixture every single fucking tournament. It would have been nice, if just once, we got someone else.
  3. I effing hate it when footballer's look at themselves on the screen. Ronaldo does it constantly.
  4. Strange thing at Burnley is Dyche so far won't sign an extension. Unless I missed it.
  5. I love the ref of the a France game, but he's an absolute loon 😅
  6. I'm hoping Vestergaard and Salisu is our CB pairing next season. Problem here is Nat isn't going to leave Liverpool where he's on the bench there to sit on the bench here. Either way, I think Bednarek has turned to shit.
  7. Nothing to do with his son being an utterly wank keeper who Stoke city didn't even want to keep.
  8. I would take Nat Phillips definitely. I'd put a price on one of Bednarek or Stephens and see who bites. Edit to add: looks like he's definitely up for sale with bin dippers quoting around £12m.
  9. I don't think it's Southgate, it's more of a core FA thing and those old duffers upstairs. Remember, when Hodgson came out and said his preference was players from top 6 sides? That was a lot to do with half the players in arguably the best saints team in my lifetime fucking off. And it's always been the same with that bunch of dinosaurs. Not saying Ings should be in it but that's my opinion. 😅
  10. I do. And I'm not suggesting they should be there, but 💯 who you play for will give you leverage over those that play for shit teams. Yeah, Ben White, Ben White, Ben White.... Granted, but Southgate hasn't exactly got a whole heap to choose from in THAT position has he.
  11. Will take the win but that was god awful to watch with these players aswell.
  12. I genuinely haven't got a clue what Southgate's trying to allegedly "build". We aren't losing, but we're absolutely fucking dire. With this set of players is abysmal.
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