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  1. I think it means the opposite - He's settled on Forster so play the players not quite in his plans in order to give them one last chance to impress. Same reason Tella isn't in IMO, he's done enough. The only exception is Ings because he's our talisman.
  2. Forster and McCarthy are both as turd as each other tbh. Much chance of a stream?
  3. Ralph is too nice. Despite being tactically inferior, Pardew or Hughes would have marched onto the pitch and not moved until it's looked at again.
  4. Absolute joke!!! We need to complain about this. Our treatment by officials is ridiculous!!
  5. The Dutch commentary is fine on Hesgoal but it's very stop start. Anyone got any other suggestions?
  6. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/76856/Southampton_vs_Burnley.html Hesgoal loaded. Dutch commentary but probably more enjoyable than English commentators.
  7. How on Earth can he be at fault for that?? Why not? They've taken all their chances. The nature of the game. I've never understood this whole idea of a team "deserving" more because they have more corners and possession.
  8. Anyone got any streams? Mine's pretty awful.
  9. Southampton vs Aston Villa - HesGoal.Com Sports News - Best I can find so far. Not a great picture. Feel free to raise me.
  10. Southampton vs Aston Villa - HesGoal.Com Sports News
  11. Anyone got a stream? Mine's dead....Again
  12. He is pretty poor tbf. Can't shoot (other than that one free kick that one time), crosses go out for goal kicks, can't tackle, constantly bullied out of games, loses his man all the time...I'm struggling to think what aspect of being a full back (or even a footballer) Cedric is actually good at. I guess he isn't slow? That's about it. On another note, anyone got a stream? My sound isn't syncing up properly with the picture on mine. Not the end of the world to watch it without sound but if there's a better option I'll take it! :::::EDIT:::: Found one! BT
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