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  1. No way. We'd literally cleared the ball since then. If you're gonna start going back and cancelling goals for 50/50 challenges that happened about 2 minutes prior then it's gonna turn into a joke. Anyone got a stream mine's dead?
  2. Seems alright so far... Watch Sky Sports Main Event Live Stream Online | FreeStreamsLive (freestreams-live1.com)
  3. No. No thank you. I don't see an attribute of his that at least one of our players isn't better at.
  4. http://freestreams-live1.com/sky-sports-main-event-live-stream-3/
  5. Yesterday I spoke to a member of his immediate family. The long and the short of it was that he's going to ask to leave in the Summer if he isn't played more. Loves the club, loves the fans, loves the area etc but wants first team football and would rather drop down to the Championship and play every week than be 3rd/4th choice anything in the PL. It'd be permanent as well as he doesn't want another loan move. He also, apparently, really doesn't mind where he plays despite rumours last year saying he he "hates" playing RB or CM as long as he plays. I think it'd be a shame but can't blame
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