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  1. I don't see why not. It's not like you get more points for home wins. If we win every away game and lose every home game, that's fine by me. That'll see us on 57 points which should get a top half finish.
  2. Seems solid enough... http://time4tv.stream/watch/sports/sky-sports-main-event.php
  3. I see you've redecorated!! I don't like it....
  4. I don't think fans will get cash money back if it's just the one game. They'll probably get a voucher to use on an away game in the next 2-3 years of their choosing. On another note; Just me that's actually enjoyed this season then?
  5. Or just not very good? Oh well. I had an insurance bet at half time and other results went our way so...At worst, a mixed afternoon.
  6. Is Shane Long greedy, stupid or both?
  7. Our fans are an utter joke. Referee has got every decision absolutely spot on yet all the crowd are doing is constantly shouting abuse at him rather than getting behind the team. No wonder we look so deflated. Charlie Austin was spot on.
  8. I reckon the bottom three might just stay as it is.
  9. Ralph out Fat Kat Selling club Worst team ever Should have bought every player in the world in January Sell Smallbone, had too many chances Gunn back in goal please Unlimited rice pudding Etc etc
  10. I'm good here thank you. Why did you use netball as an example out of interest? Are you by any chance one of the fans who groaned when Sunderland got a corner despite us being 8-0 up?
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