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  1. Difficult to imagine a more commanding position halfway through a 4-day game with no prospect of weather ruining things. What do we reckon for first thing tomorrow, then? Bat quickly for an hour or so and then declare, effectively giving Abbas and Abbott two opening spells either side of the extended break for the funeral? Five and a half sessions should be too much for most teams on a pitch that does seem to offer a little bit if you're willing to do the hard yards.

    Pretty sad to see Steven Finn reduced to first change for a second division outfit and not really threatening much either.

  2. 7 minutes ago, Window Cleaner said:

    No follow on enforced. At 2 for 2 already Hants might well regret that decision. Batting really doesn't look easy on this track.

    Two pretty mediocre shots though, given the circumstances. Didn't need to play either of them, and we saw yesterday that there wasn't a lot of swing on offer after the first 10-20 overs. See the new ball off and they'll tire pretty quickly. We won't win anything in red ball cricket with the top order we have - Weatherley and Alsop tend to do something decent one innings in 4 or 5, and Holland is an all-rounder filling a hole because our batting recruitment has been shit for years. For the most part, our batting tends to start at two wickets down.

  3. On 11/04/2021 at 17:27, badgerx16 said:

    McManus in trouble over a "stumping" that never was. Might be in line for a ban for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

    Yeah, the video doesn't look good. Not entirely convinced by James Vince's defence of McManus either, although I guess he's never going to throw him under the bus in that scenario. 

  4. In a financial climate where we need to manage our money very wisely, I think this sort of move makes so much sense. Theo is a known quantity, and there really aren't many of them around. He's a known quantity not just because he's experienced and has played the best part of 15 years in the Premier League, but also because he's already demonstrated he slots into this team with this manager in this dressing room environment. That sort of integration (and the lack of needing to give the player time to settle) is hugely important.

    He's supposedly on £100k a week at Everton, and we're covering half of that during this loan period. At 32, and having had niggly injuries (and one big ACL tear too), he's still surprisingly quick, so I guess there's a question of whether he actually will lose any pace if we were to offer him a two or three year deal - I'd expect he'd want a 3-year deal for security, whereas we'd probably want 2 years for the same reasons, so a 2-year deal with an automatic option for a third based on certain criteria would probably make the most sense to me.

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  5. 6 hours ago, Plastic said:

    Not been brilliant for the last few weeks. Slow loads common, now seeing time-out. @stevegrant any ideas? Thanks.

    /edit - as soon as I posted this it started working perfectly! 

    I've not seen any obvious issues recently on the monitoring I've got in place - response times seem to be acceptable (although they are an average, so obviously some will be longer than others), and the error counts seem to be low enough to be largely insignificant in the grand scheme of things. There may be individual issues, I've heard of people having problems with certain browsers with certain ISPs or router brands because of the way they cache certain information - my main suggestion if you're getting timeouts is to try clearing all caches, so that's the browser, your device's DNS cache and, if possible, your router's DNS cache too. That might provide the full reset that should get everything back on track.

  6. 17 minutes ago, Shroppie said:

    But I'm actually getting very bored with wall-to-wall TV football and long to get back to the real experience of being there.

    Likewise. It was great at the start of Project Restart because we'd gone months without watching anything that wasn't the Belarusian Premier League, and in years gone by if there was a game on and I was home, I'd pretty much always watch it, but it's just got really tedious. I don't know whether that's a slight result of our form having tailed off and the drain of enthusiasm that we had in December when we were top at half-time in the Arsenal away game, but I'm definitely finding the games less interesting, even though I don't always have anything better to do.

  7. There's an update that needs running, so I'm going to do that now, and then I'm hoping to migrate to a better database. That bit might take a while as the database is huge :uhoh:

  8. 50 minutes ago, LGTL said:

    Are they sending the refunds by carrier pigeon FFS? These days it’s doesn’t take barely a day to clear into a bank account, let alone 2 weeks. 

    It depends how the payment is being processed. A refund (or partial refund) to a debit or credit card can take a few days to go through depending on which banks are being used at both ends of the transaction. If they're paying direct into your bank account (e.g. if the card you used to buy your ST isn't in use anymore) then it should go in within 2 hours.

  9. 6 hours ago, Saint Garrett said:

    With multiple places being moved into Tier 3, does that now mean they’ll be unable to go on Saturday? What happens to those tickets already allocated to those people moving into tier 3 areas on Saturday morning? Will club re-allocate to others?

    Theoretically, yes. The email sent to everyone who has tickets said that people who were allocated tickets but are now in a Tier 3 area should contact the club for a refund, which rather suggests the club won't necessarily be pro-active on this. No idea how that'll play out, to be honest.

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