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  1. We are clearly in the market for a full back, preferably one we can get in on a loan before we buy. We need to get at least one keeper off our books, and Hoedt, if we can.
  2. They're more disease-ridden than usual https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/sport/football/portsmouth-fc/portsmouth-fear-coronavirus-outbreak-widespread-senior-players-test-positive-3074322
  3. God Sheffield United are dire, they look like they've given up.
  4. True, and as a non-member we can expect tariffs. That's basically what being a non-member means.
  5. I thought Djenepo was very poor against Brighton, even basic ball control seemed to elude him at times. He's still young, but I would far rather have Redmond in there at the moment. He is a much better player IMHO.
  6. I think there would be far less controversy if idiot ex-players on the telly actually new what the rule is. It was a clear penalty - the foul started outside the box and continued inside. Suck it up.
  7. You forgot to mention your amazing sense of humour
  8. For some unaccountable reason, the council still won't "buy into their vision" and the begging bowl remains empty. Such a shame the redevelopment of Fratton Park is "not in their hands." Still, there are plenty of people to blame: Network Rail, The Highways Agency, local residents, the local council and even the government! All this is sadly preventing them bringing the old girl "into the 21st Century." But as Caitlin sagely points out, the government's probably got better stuff to be doing. He regrets that if their "problems prove insurmountable" they may have to remain a global 19th Cen
  9. Factless Allen surpasses himself. Apparently Maradonna, really did almost sign for Portsmouth
  10. Who's this bloke "Stevens," MLG?
  11. Pompey winning League 1 in hate crime https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12140754/aston-villa-fans-top-list-of-hate-crimes-reports-for-2019-20-season
  12. He's a mystery to me. When he was with us he was complete and utter rubbish. He contributed absolutely nothing. Not a thing. He showed no skill or speed or vision - nothing. Seems to blow hot and cold for Celtic too, but he has had good games and has been impressive overall. I guess the standard is just much, much lower up there, as MLG says.
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