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Thread: Anyone remember soccer-sixes?

  1. Default Anyone remember soccer-sixes?

    Remember the soccer sixes tournament from the 80s held at the NEC and G-Mex arenas?

    Top photo even has Saints in it.

    This came up in another thread but figured it might need its own.

    The above article is a good read for a certain age group. Brought back so many memories. David Speedie in goals for Coventry, Paul Davis and Glenn Cockerill’s first game against each other after the infamous broken jaw punch at Highbury.

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    Yes I went to both the tournaments that Saints were in at the NEC- 82 and 83 I think - both played over two nights. Danny Wallace really let us down as he kept conceding penalties by not staying up front. When we reached the final George Courtney cheated us as always by sending Frank Worthington off.


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