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  1. I know it doesn't make sense. But why have we not won at Arsenal since 1987? Them being better is a main factor. But in that time we have won a number of times at teams better than us like Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea
  2. St Mary's was built down to a price and it is showing in the general deterioration. In contrast, Wolves completely rebuilt Molineux between the 80s and 90s using high quality materials and it still looks great (ok one of the stands is very new). The Dell being run down is a bit of a myth perpetuated by the media. While Saints actually looked after it very well. That's not my opinion. It's what Simon Inglis says in the Football Grounds of Britain (published 1996): "One of the unfortunate ironies of the post-Taylor period is that there are at least three grounds which have never been in such fin
  3. Selling JWP would be an awkward issue for the club to skate over since I have just had a "personal" email from him thanking me for renewing my season ticket. And they would have to scrap the new shirts with the AR image of him.
  4. Would not be surprised if JWP did move on when his stock his high. But would have thought it will be to a club where he will win something, such as Manchester City. Talk of a Villa bid could just be a ploy by his agent to get more realistic buyers to put bids on the table.
  5. Kenilworthy

    Eddie Howe

    I have my heart set on Howe never being Saints manager. isn't there one place further along the coast that is surely his spiritual home?
  6. Zaha is a classic West Ham signing
  7. I really wanted Elyounoussi to be a success. But the first time I saw him was in the 3-0 defeat at Derby. And if a player like him cannot do it in a half-pace friendly game when the tackles are not flying in it doesn't inspire confidence for the Premier League. I agree he hasn't had many chances. But when he was given a go he showed absolutely nothing to suggest he should be given more time. And if the Lemina who wants to play like he did at the Hawthorns was to come back I would welcome him with open arms. But we all know we would just get the Lemina of Newcastle and Wembley.
  8. Kenilworthy

    20/21 Kit

    Although in their first year in the Premier League Portsmouth had a blue away kit
  9. I agree with what you say. But there is one factor we can offer which is that we are a well proven route for players to get established in the Premier League and to then get moves to the bigger clubs they really want to play for. You can say the same for Leicester - Kante and Mahrez for example. But for players who want a stepping stone we surely rank as at least equal with other clubs.
  10. I really don't understand why any club is reluctant to invest decent money in a keeper because its one area of the team where you can make a major difference with just one sogning. Look at how Villa have improved with a new keeper. Brian Clough used to say that Shilton was worth 10 points a season. That was when it was only 2 points for a win so more like 15 points nowadays. With a really good keeper we could possibly get away with our current central defence.
  11. I think it would be worth a bet on 3-0 with Antonio and Noble scoring
  12. Think Villa at home should get an award for the game most influenced by incorrect VAR decisions. Not only the penalty not given, Romeu's goal disallowed for a foul on a keeper he never touched and the late equaliser given offside
  13. It shows that had we bothered to turn up for the semi final losing the final was not inevitable
  14. Great example of VAR lunacy in Burnley v Leeds game. Ref awards Leeds a a corner then there is a VAR check for a penalty. It shows no pen but also clearly a goal kick. However, because VAR cannot adjudicate on corners, the corner given in error stands.
  15. Have very fond memories of Bertrand as he came in when we were at a low ebb after all the departures in summer 2014, helped steady the ship and played a vital part in one of our best ever teams. For a number of years felt he was our best English leftback and will never forgive Southgate for not taking him to the World Cup. No doubt he looks at the trophies that the average Walker has won at Manchester City and thinks he could have had the same at the right club. Seven years is a long time for a player of his quality to stay at a team like Saints and he owes us nothing. Just feels like the rela
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