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St Paddy's Day GIG tonight


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I have no connection to this bunch but after an extensive search for something to do this evening and wanting to resist the temptation to just get bladdered down the local I cam across this little chestnut.


The Coast are playing what i believe to be the opening gig at The Fox in Fair Oak tonight.


The venue is the brand new 'Woodlands Suite', which has just been finished.


Say hi if you go and buy me a beer.


FREE ENTRY - Doors Open 7:30



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btw it was a good night, really enjoyed the whole set, in particualr the one about a 'blue sky' and the start wars one - 'C3PO eyes' I think it was called. The venue is pretty cool too, loke a posh marquee with red carpet entrance, stage, bar, cloakroom, dancefloor and toilets with hand conditioner to boot. I am pretty sure that they'yll get quite a few wedding receptions in there once it gets known about. Best bit (says mrs h) was the twinkly lights in the ceiling.

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