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Another Rickie Lambert Song: "The Lambert Walk"


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Just got back from Wembley and inspired by reading a headline in the JPT programme today I've come up with another short song for Rickie Lambert. Given that we've just won in London and the music comes from a musical based in London, "Me and My Girl", I thought this was quite appropriate at the time. The tune is from "The Lambeth Walk"...


Verse 1


At St. Mary's and away

Rickie puts the goals away

And you'll find us all

Doin' the Lambert walk...Oi!



Verse 2


Everything's bright and breezy

Makin' the goals look easy

He's bound to score, now that's a cert








Great support today by the way...http://www.saintsweb.co.uk/forum/images/icons/icon7.gif

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Like verse 1 a lot.


Verse 2 is too complex. i know that sounds mental, but it's true. football chants don't talk about bight and breezy/certs etc.


Btw, the "paint the town red" song by the Flying Alexanders is really good - and they mention the Lambert walk too.



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