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Wireless N Router


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The Edimax reviews are pretty good - its got gigabit ethernet so will give decent speed when cabled (if you use the right cable). The Edimax is also Draft N - Currrys just don't show that part. I think pretty much every router on sale will be draft N unless it was released after Oct 2009. Thats when the draft became approved and 802.11n was official. Draft N has been used since 2007. I dont think there were any amendments to the draft so you should get exactly the same spec. I have found Buffalo routers to be the best and most flexible, but everyone has a preference. Linksys are also very good for people who want to play around with the inner workings as, just like the Buffalos, you can tweak the firmware very easily. Steer clear of the Netgear range of 802.11n cable routers - they are shockingly unstable.

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