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Just a thought.


As this time of the season usually throws up the unexpected result, anyone got any inside track on any forthcoming matcges?


I'd like to throw Dover v Weymouth into the eqation:

I was at The Crabble on Saturday and although they nullified most of Eastleigh's moves with basic defending and back-passing they are a very tired team.


During the pre-match chat with Darren Hare (Ass Manager) in the dressing room he categorically said that they were not concerned who they got in the play-offs, should they get there (which they now have achieved) and furthermore they have a number of players who WOULD be rested. Apparently Nicky Southall is absolutely knackered and could hardly walk folowing their match with Hampton last week. Others include Adam Birchall and Ollie Schultz.


imho Nicky S is a genuine talisman, picking up the morale and generally holding up play whilst attcking moves unfold. He scored the solitary goal on Monday to clinch the game btw.


Weymouth are rock bottom and no-one in their right mind would expect them to even score let alone win against (7 wins on the bounce) Dover. Perhaps not though as I can see them managing a 0-0, 1-1 or at a stretch nicking it 1-0 or 2-1.


Other than that I'd take the easy option of an open game producing >2.5 goals.


Thoughts and where is the best place to put a tenner on please?


Other inside track info for all to pick the bones out of appreciated.


hamster (nap)

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