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I have lost count of the times that I've requested recomendations for live music over the past couple of years and today is another of those occasions.


While I am at it I would like to request that we have a STICKY on the Arts section for live music.


It would update itself organically and will also be a good opportunity for people to feedback on groups they've seen.


SWF could even 'sell' listings and even negotiate discount entry for PAID UP FULL MEMBERS and hence blag the occasional free tickets to be auctioned or just offered out.


Anyhow, whilst the powers that be mull it over; does anyone have any recomendations for mrs h and me for tonight please? Any old crap considered ideally a stagger back from south stoneham/bassett/swaythling.


Cheers rat fans

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I think he meant pegs.


I was referring to the ale from the Flowerpots brewery, it is lovely even non ale drinkers would enjoy a half imho.


A good night and excellent Colombian music from the 9 piece band.


had a lovely platter of tapas at Trago Lounge beforehand and the only down was that by the time they took a brak I was so tired that we had to come home. It had a been a long day and a long week at work. I didn't even get a lay-in this morning so am expecting to nod off during one of the meetings I have to attend tomorrow, hopefully it won't be the one that I am supposed to be minuting.


I was press-ganged into minuting one last week and found myself (as I often do) watching the squirrels in the garden completely missing a colleagues contribution. He nudged me and said 'write that down then'. I was at least honest with him and said 'write it down, I wasn't even listening, sorry' He thought I was joking! adn my quick thinking got me out of it as I wrote 'New Client - Richard to circulate details via e-mail' Genius.

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Yeah bt Deppo he sounds like a right hard so and so and I'm only calling his bluff, just in case he does fancy a piece of me. Unlerss he's built like a wet paper bag I wouldn't stand a snowball in hell's chance. Anyway, he might hit you first giving me a headstart...it's only fair nipper I'm an old man.

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