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Saint Johnno

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Me too.


Cheers Steve, Baj and the other guys who join. I always download it and listen to it in the car on my way to work.


Hopefully hear some during the off season when the fixtures come out? Whose signed/left?


Perhaps we could have some link up's from South Africa (Via skype to keep costs down?) for any saints fans at the world cup?


Keep up the good work

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I enjoy listening to these. However can I please make a small suggestion.

1) Actually talk into the mic's at all times. Not what seems to be 300 miles away and then right in to it (Honestly it's almost as bad as 5 live). This becomes very annoying if your listening in the car.


2) Actually put some volume onto the podcast. If I am listening in the car and have my player turned right up and still can't hear you then what is the point.


Other than that great work and I really enjoy them.

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Thanks for the podcasts guys. I live near San Francisco, and always play your podcasts at work in the morning. I do agree with the inconsistency of volume. One is always loud and clear anf the other is usually in the background and seems not to be on a separate mic. Keep it going!!

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