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Jeff Le Taxi

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Laptop for your daughter is a must. sats or not, kids need their own laptop nowadays.


You'll be glad you bought it within weeks Jeff. My grandson (11) got one for Christmas, best present ever. He mainly plays some online role role play game but also uses is it for homework often asking my advice as I sort of teach IT for a living. I'm not very knowledgable but I what I do know is how to find stuff on the internet. At work if someone has a problem I just sit down next to them and WE find a solution. It's great, THE best job I have ever had.


Jamie (gs) thinks that I the sun shines out of my.. - he doesn't ever say 'that' (down almost entirely to excellent grandparent skills) but you get the picture.


I help him to speed up his computer with basic stuff like defrag once a month and how to clear cookies, cookies are downloaded in their hundreds with youngsters, don't ask me why but whatever sites these kids visit, they don't half bung up your computers. Make sure she looks after it, it will pay dividends later when you need HER help.


That laptop looks nice but don;t buy one cos it looks nice. The really good ones look a bit more functional but they are also regarded as stylish by kids, kids now their stuff re style apparently. Ask for someone on here to find you one, tell them your budget and I promise that they will get their collective heads together and find you an absolute bargain. SaintStevo found me an amazing deal lat year, a really great laptop for mrs h, I use it more than I do my own actually - only cos its she's always got the bloody thing on, playing some stupid girlie game (Jewel Quest) evry waking hour, even when she's SUPPOSED to be cooking my bloody dinner.


Get one with an integral webcam. They aren't brilliant but kids do not want to keep clipping an external one on top of their screens, just add 'decent webcam' to your wish list.


I am told that 'dual core' processors are the mutts doodahs at the mo. Apparently it's like having two engines in your car, although I don't know that I'd actually want two engines in my car to be honest, checking the oil on just the one is plenty enough fpr me thank you very much.


BATTERY LIFE - MAX YOU CAN FIND. Absolutely the Number 1 priority. If you find one with a good battery life you can take it as read that it is high-spec machine. I may be wrong of course as this is all in my very humble opinion. Cables and sticky out bits like dongles are a no-no. Find one with both BlueTooth, WiFi and mobile phone technology, this is because youngsters just want to chuck their laptop in a schhol bag and go, carying dongles and the like is a real inconvenience for our little angels, poor things.


And while you are at it change your ISP you are almost definitely paying too much and you are almost definitely not getting the fastest d/l speed either. The sort of sites that your daughter will be visiting are gonna have so much d/l content that it will strangle your connection if you're not careful. On this subject try different locations for your wireless router. Just because it is in the next room it does not always follow that that is the best location. What you walls are made of has a big bearing on this. Lat year I realised that the other FOUR laptops in the house were monopolising the internet and my old faithful was as slow as the old dial up service that I had over 10 years ago. Anyway, I asked on SWF and got a few tips on how to prioritise my laptop over all of their's, they still don't know why my laptop is the fastest in the house, my old Inspiron 63m rocks.


Btw do you know when the SATS results come out? I'd like to reward little Jamie if he does well, he's a good lad is Jamie. Godd luck to your princess, the'se SATS don't look as easy as the old 11+ tests like that at 11, I ask you?



un-employable (no one can afford me)

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