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The England Football team

Viking Warrior

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I suddenly realised that the worldcup was days away. we are now being saturated with the england support team leaving its hotel to go to the airport etc etc then its the team.


If it wasnt for the tragedy in Cumbria they would be headline news


This morning I wake up to BBc and they have live pictures of the england team arriving i JO berg and a reporter standing outside the teams hotel giving alsort of detail about where it is security arrangements etc, As soon as I got out the shower i swithed the Channels to ITVand exactly the same


why the friggin hell are the media so transfixed on the overpayed English football team every move.


This national news wall to wall covering is ****ing off people in scotland I know I live here and Im English


But really hacks me off the england teams travel arrangements have a higher priority than the Royal Marine who killed in Sangin yesterday


Come Mr Media get you priorities right put the proper news first,


What are others veiw point on the stupid process of analysing every england world cup plays eating and bodily habits reporting

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