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Gene Therapy and Blindness - stunning development

Viking Warrior

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Just seen this report


Absolutely brilliant if peoples sight can be restored totally or partially. This is simply stunning and hopefully in time can be perfected that all visually impaired folk will get some sight or all their sight back



Surgeons in Oxford have used a gene therapy technique to improve the vision of six patients who would otherwise have gone blind.


The operation involved inserting a gene into the eye, a treatment that revived light-detecting cells.


The doctors involved believe that the treatment could in time be used to treat common forms of blindness.


Prof Robert MacLaren, the surgeon who led the research, said he was "absolutely delighted" at the outcome.


"We really couldn't have asked for a better result," he said

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I worked with Prof MacLaren when we developed the new wing to the Oxford Radcliffe Hospital that contains the Eye Department. A nice man (can't say that for a lot of surgeons).


Brilliant, brilliant work and will, hopefully, be expanded to treat Age Related Macular Degeneration. something that may well affect many of us on here in years to come.

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I did some development work for RNIB and Richard Cox at Hants Social services . Working with GP,s and those affected with sight loss . I learnt so much about sight loss .


Managed to convince several GP practices to fast track patients who the GP's didn't realise their patients might have sight loss amongst other area of the role I had .


I have always believed that cures or treatment for spinal injuries and deaf and blindness will be developed in my life time .

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