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Abroad and wanting Villa tickets


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I know there's a brazillion threads about getting tickets for games.


What are the options for someone like me, arriving from Australia on 11th April, with about 10 weeks to go til the match?


Our party would be at least me and my 12 yr old boy who wears his saints top to every training session, but maybe a few cousins and so on. Don't really want to go down the lounge/prawn option (if it exists - don't know).


I suppose, if we are doing well, then it won't be easy to get tickets in the away end? - my most recent experience is Champs and L1, where getting away tickets at Burnley etc was never a problem.


So does it boil down to trying to get tickets in the home end, or is there a process I can follow? I see tickets on offer here frequently - anyone know they won't be able to go to that game? (I guess it could be moved).


Any hints, tips or suggestions gratefully accepted.




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Hi guys, I've pm'd ashley but am reluctant to publish my email address on the web, Isla. I do believe you are both genuine, but could you explain why I need to give you my email address? Is it a matter of you entering my details on the website with your userid, come the time? In any case, reluctance aside as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, my email is tpalt01@gmail.com

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i have put ur email out on twitter+snapchat+various other forums so hopefully someone will come through with tickets, or other offers of which you may be interest


Cheers, Beears. I'm flooded with propositions right now, best thing I've ever done!

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