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  1. I done the votes on there a few times this season. Mostly when I haven't bother watching the game, and I've gone on BBC to find out What Happened. If I think we done a good result, I give everyone a 10. If I think we done a bad result, I give everyone a 1. I don't bother scoring the other team at all. Who cares about them?
  2. I blame Pacman tbh. He used to have a show called newsnight where he would bully on politicians and everyone thought he was cool. All the other journalists was v.jealous so they tried to be like Pacman too, and it made all politics into one giant game of “Gotcha!”. Wind forward few years and even that bird who sits next to Piers Morgan seems to suddenly think she is Queen’s Grand Inquisitor. It made all the politicians v.scared to say anything Interest so they all started saying Nothing At All. And then, amid a grey sea of nothingness, Trump pops up and starts Speaking His Mind. Of course
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