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  1. Linked with Maitland-Niles in Mirror along with Watford. Loan maybe certainly can’t see us buying him.
  2. Shouldn’t you be more worried you are the feeder club for Wigan??
  3. Close and Whatmough going you are a shambles
  4. Obviously a Championship striker won’t keep us up will he no shit Sherlock
  5. .....we disappointingly lost but it’s ok we sold all the tickets for House and Garage event....clueless run by muppets
  6. Jan Kluitenberg ? Think his club just won league in UAE
  7. 16 listed this morning think big changes at Palace new manager too
  8. Didn’t realise Palace have so many out of contract players 16 I think Schlupp would be good addition give us more balance up left. Rated him at Leicester.
  9. Do you honestly think it’s 30k?
  10. Have you said that .....why couldn’t Ings win game second half or does he only win in the first 45? He had more shots than Adams second half than did in first. I’ll tell you why because your hatred of Adams blinds you to the fact they need each other they work as a pair.
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