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  1. Could Tino or KWP be any worse than Theo on Saturday in that position? Leaving him on for so long was a match for bringing on Shane Long the other week.
  2. Great post sums up how I feel I doubt there was one Saints fan wanting Theo on for the second half he was abysmal yet takes an injury to get hooked off. Poor management and abysmal subs far too late and Armstrong 2 minutes from end
  3. Your one man agenda against him is embarrassing did he sleep with your wife? you don’t need to answer read all you bollox before ..obsessed
  4. Or a second year loan if not don’t think he would get games at Chelsea and hopefully enjoys it here.
  5. Can only beat what’s in front of you and we did, Diallo my MOTM carried it drove us forwards no sideways and backwards. Having Perraud as left back gave us balance the thing we struggled with against Wolves. Tino is some player just enjoy him while we can. Redmonds first 6 touches gave it away then he grew into it and had best game for a long time. Let’s hope he can do it again and it’s not another 10/20 games with no end product he is better than that just do it on pitch. Salisu a beast think he got caught by sun in eyes and unsure what McCarthy was doing but apart from that ou
  6. Not sure best place for this but David Brooks at Bournemouth has been diagnosed Hodgkins Lymphoma poor lad
  7. Any hopes of a takeover have started to crumble
  8. Not sure Howe would improve that either, would Ralph’s ego and stubbornness even go along with that? 3 wins in next 6 are a must or we are in trouble if it gets to 4 wins in 32 then it’s time to shake it up new coaches not goalkeepers or a new manager Lampard who has a good network in game had some good players in at Derby.
  9. You are not looking hard enough there are loads within few miles of city centre. Olafs, Unity, Guide Dog, Bookshop, Handlebar, Beards, Alex it’s getting better. Shirley has Waterloo, Wellington, Witches, Rover , Clockwork, Overdraft, Park Inn a good night out now
  10. Heard first signing is a striker called Alan Sharia
  11. That’s not saying he isn’t injured though he is
  12. Maybe his family can’t settle
  13. So when Traore wasn’t picked and KWP wasn’t working couldn’t cross for toffee something you can’t accuse Perraud of why didn’t he change it? Moussa offered more in 10 mins than rest of the game with Redmond and KWP on left
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