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  1. Exactly anyone with half a football brain can see he is playing to orders, Bissaka is a marauding overlapping full back he hardly got anywhere with Moussa there. Agree about Armstrong too wasteful in possession last 2 games and poor final ball cost us good positions. We lost to a world class striker, although I think Ralph got it wrong and should have put on Diallo earlier strengthen midfield taken off Walcott or Che
  2. Gemma useless no talent Collins makes my skin crawl. I try and avoid anything with her on it but seems to be on every advert . Whats all this GC sh1te... The word ‘hangry’ just fck off..
  3. Sean Dyche no doubt done a great job at Burnley but a moaning twat . Redknap hate the pr1ck for what he did here.
  4. Upgrading Apps that then look like done by work experience like Sky Scores no vidIprinter latest scorers. Terrible
  5. It’s more like we bought a right back that can play and Bertie being played and not playing Valery/Danso out of position remember Bournemouth home last season. We aren’t mucking about and play reasonably settled side ok Stephens had to fill in but that sort of proves point.Oh and Hojberg not passing to the opposition:-)
  6. So why did we lose to Spurs& Brentford was that fans peeping through and moaning?
  7. Not fit enough for Prem but ok for a b game
  8. For all you Adams critics hopefully now shut you all up that was an instinctive finish. The lad was terrific tonight led line well was a handful for Lascelles who is no mug Enjoy it whilst we can we deserved it
  9. You think we could compete with BBC?
  10. So name me a proven goalscoring Prem striker we could have bought with our limited funds
  11. Great save for the ridiculous ref decision giving goal nowhere near over line
  12. Did you miss Theo Walcott signing?
  13. Vokins out too does that mean Valery and KWP I guess
  14. I can think of several occasions we had come close before Prem . Home to Brighton win we go top Steve Foster had us in pocket we lost 0-2. Saint Maxim is the obvious threat good player.
  15. He’s got a funny walk too even The Bangles sang about it
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