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Policing of Football


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Hi, I am a 3rd year Sociology student at the University of Leeds and Burnley season ticket holder (but don't hold that against me). I am conducting a dissertation entitled 'Policing in Football: Criminalisation or a Necessary Deterrent' and I was hoping some of you may be willing to fill in my short questionnaire.


Obviously most Saints fans will have experienced policing at different levels due to the unfortunate financial difficulties you had and I seem to recall you having a 'bubble' fixture with Portsmouth a couple of years ago, so it would be great to hear from a few of you. The link to the questionnaire is http://www.survey.leeds.ac.uk/policingoffootballrjp/ and I would be extremely grateful to anybody who completes it.


Apologies for the intrusion (as someone who uses the Burnley messageboard I know how annoying the student surveys are!).


Good luck for the rest of the season, I hope you stick in the top half. Showing the benefits of giving youthful English talent a chance an that has got to be respected (just unfortunate that you saw Jay Rod as part of that system!).

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