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Sainters on the up?


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Yes, it's not a doom and gloom scenario if it's managed well.


If the club spend the money on foreign equivalents that are cheaper and keep on developing more talented British youth then it's a model that could push the club higher.


1 -> Sell British stars for top dollar.

2 -> Buy as good foreign players for less.

3 -> Nurture and blood in the next generation of Britsh stars from the academy.

4 -> Repeat until you are big enough to keep your British stars.


I'd like to keep our star academy products but this is the real world and we're still a feeder for the top 4.


However if the academy keeps on making British stars and the club buy well we could at some stage start to match them and then the situation changes as our own grown want to stay.


The club could take a big step on it's growth trajectory this summer if that money is spent wisely.

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