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  1. Ralph is on a fast track to legend status. What a performance, what a goal.
  2. This is what happens when you have one of the best managers in the prem. If we can stay lucky with injuries this could be our best ever prem season. In Ralph we trust.
  3. Played fairly poorly but still won, sign of a good team. Pen was very debateable but we've had a few against us in the past so it all evens out. 5th tonight and Ings back in, things are looking good.
  4. I've given chairman Gao some pelters over the last few years but fair dues, his main job is to hire the right manager and he did it. He then stuck with him when a lot of chairman would have pulled the trigger. Gao is a remote chairman who is hard to warm to but he has gotten this critical decision right. As for Ralph, IMO he is in the elite band of prem managers. I thought we'd punched above our weight when we got him and now he's really proving why. He's taken a mixed bag of players and moulded them into a formidable unit capable of giving anyone in this league a run for their money. Don
  5. Cabrone

    Injury Watch

    Going forward Ralph's going to have to be cautious with Danny, we all know his history and how vital he is to us. TBH why was he even on the pitch that late in the game when we were 4-1 up?
  6. Superb victory that was dented by a couple of odd late goals (when the game was already won). However I'll take 3 points at a revitalised Villa all day long thanks. Ralph's really got them purring now, this could be a vintage season....
  7. Top 3 prem manager, only behind Klopp and Pep IMO. He's ambitious and will go when one of he big boys come knocking, maybe at the end of this season or next. In the mean time let's just enjoy his stint incharge.
  8. Always satisfying to get one over Everton after all the punishment they have dished out to us over the years. The team is playing well now but that's because we have one of the best managers in the league. Comparing what he's getting out of our players to what the last 3 managers did and it's like night and day. Gao has gotten 1 thing right......but that thing was probably his key responsibility, hiring Ralph. He really is a class act.
  9. Fantastic point against a team that will be top 3/4 at seasons end. After a slow start Ralph's got them fired up as I expected he would, the guy is a class act. Would love for him to be here for a few more seasons at least but I think he's going to turn heads this season.
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