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Hireonomy | Premier League Fantasy Football League


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Hi everyone,



With the new 2014/15 Premier League season nearly upon us, my company, Hireonomy, have set up a Premier League Fantasy Football private league.



Please go to http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ to join... using code 45642-17423



To make things a little more interesting, we will give the Manager of the team a £10.00 High Street gift voucher each month to the team who is placed top of the league





* apologies if this is in the wrong place *

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I stumbled across this from a facebook link...a new fantasy football game where you enter as a group and then there is a sealed-bid auction for players at the start of the season so everyone has unique squads, and then each week there is a fixture where you pit your starting 11 against the starting 11 from one of your mates. Whichever starting eleven gets the most points that week picks up 3 league points. If you draw, you get 1 point each. I've signed up to it with some mates. Looks good and a bit different to the usual format.



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