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  1. Im just disappointed that LeG didn’t refer to this in his post and also the fact that nobody else seems to have picked up on this is remarkable
  2. Bookies, take my money!!!
  3. Is there a dark mode available?
  4. SO16_Saint

    20/21 Kit

    Would be funny if they leaked a fake one to see who leaks what
  5. The Last Dance on Netflix is a good watch. Never been in to basketball but this is a good insight
  6. Read somewhere today that FFP is being considered to be scrapped this summer
  7. SO16_Saint


    I guess total isolation would eliminate it completely. If it has nowhere to transfer to it would die?
  8. SO16_Saint


    Quick update that they will cover 90% of full salary. I want furlough all of a sudden...
  9. SO16_Saint


    Don’t know, just basic details tonight. Find out more over the coming days and weeks. Hope I’ll be ok due to role I do
  10. SO16_Saint


    Anyone on here on furlough? My company just emailed out saying they’re looking to put teams on furlough over next few weeks.
  11. SO16_Saint


    Wouldn’t surprise me if he was in a worse state than quoted.
  12. SO16_Saint


    Boris now in intensive care. Not sounding good for the old boy
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