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  1. Bookies, take my money!!!
  2. Is there a dark mode available?
  3. SO16_Saint

    20/21 Kit

    Would be funny if they leaked a fake one to see who leaks what
  4. The Last Dance on Netflix is a good watch. Never been in to basketball but this is a good insight
  5. Read somewhere today that FFP is being considered to be scrapped this summer
  6. SO16_Saint


    I guess total isolation would eliminate it completely. If it has nowhere to transfer to it would die?
  7. SO16_Saint


    Quick update that they will cover 90% of full salary. I want furlough all of a sudden...
  8. SO16_Saint


    Don’t know, just basic details tonight. Find out more over the coming days and weeks. Hope I’ll be ok due to role I do
  9. SO16_Saint


    Anyone on here on furlough? My company just emailed out saying they’re looking to put teams on furlough over next few weeks.
  10. SO16_Saint


    Wouldn’t surprise me if he was in a worse state than quoted.
  11. SO16_Saint


    Boris now in intensive care. Not sounding good for the old boy
  12. We did the same. Took 55 out the mortgage - have paid the first instalment of 6 and got the rest waiting for this to all blow over. We’re also doing a loft conversion at the same time Have you got a builder? I can recommend ours if you need one
  13. Good luck! Ours have said their main merchants are Closed and besides I don’t think it’s THAT essential
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