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Forget the first team. Support the youth.


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It's clear that Southampton is not and never will be a 'big club' at first team level. But at youth level, Southampton are one of the biggest, albeit underachieving. With this in mind, why don't we refocus our energies on supporting our development squad in the Professional Development League instead? We're all sick of the way the modern game is run, so let's turn our backs on it and find enjoyment elsewhere. Instead of buying expensive season tickets to sit and be disappointed, go and watch our youngsters. Be a part of a new movement that makes youth football a bigger 'product' in England. I'm not in Southampton anymore myself, so it's not possible, but I've long argued for dropping the League Cup and promoting the FA Youth Cup in its place. If there was more interest and support for youth football, maybe the quality of England's youngsters would be higher. The U21 league could easily be as good as and entertaining as the Championship. Imagine what it would mean to play for our youth team if crowds of 15,000 or more were turning up to watch them every week. It would be good for them, and good for all us fans because we might actually see people in Saints shirts winning something. Just a thought I had.

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