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Could ownership of SFC be a good investment for KL?


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I am just thinking, that while reports are that she has no interest in football, is SFC a good investment for KL (presuming that she doesn't need the money back right away), or at least one that gives a return? If she was to take out say £10-15m every year or when player sales allow for it, then the loans or whatever she is owed can be paid back (if no silly interest rates are attached). While it is medium to long term, surely there is currently enough money from TV rights, player sales (if this year is to be judged!!) to be able to run the club prudently (maybe without the unrealistic talk of CL - but if it happens, it happens) and take money out without being detrimental to the operation of the club? I have absolutely no problems with her taking (some) money out, if that doesn't come across as being arrogant, and if someone comes and buys the club, so be it and maybe everyone wins.

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