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The TMS TV Tropes challenge


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TV Tropes is one of the best sites on the Internet. It's designed for lazy writers, and the specific gig is:-


1) Visiting it

2) Losing yourself for 9 hours Trope-surfing.

3) Realising everything has been done before


Don't believe me? Check these articles out:-


Entitled bastard

Suspiciously Idle Officers

Discount Lesbians

No holds barred beat-down

Instant Soprano


The challenge?


Pick three tropes for a story and task your fellow muppets to craft a short (as you like) story encapsulating them.


I'm expecting the Bear to weigh in with a sexy tale or two. Maybe we can even coax saintbletch out of coding hiding to demonstrate his undoubted skill. david in sweden may combine a few tropes to tell a story of a bold hero with an interesting slant that underlines many key themes. ottery can say whatever the fúck he likes, just so long as he comes back :)


I'm counting on the hard core conservatives to handle the action movies, and I'm not expecting them to take any shít.


There is no judgment, just potential multi-million book/film deals in the works ;)


The floor is open.

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