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Yeah, he comes across well, in a quiet, non-dramatic way. Wouldn't like to fight him though - he looks like he could be a complete psycho.


He's done very well with a WH team that struggled for consistent form under Big Sam. Added a couple of astute signings and he's got them very hard to beat.

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I think he's bit flaky, to say the least.


A qualified lawyer, he is ostensibly an intelligent man, but it's hard to forgive his conduct in the 1998 World Cup semi-final wheen his disgraceful theatrics got Laurent Blanc sent off and forced him to miss the the World Cup final.


That was a pretty reprehensible thing to do, to contrive to get somebody to miss a match he might only get one chance in his life to play in.


His making light of Wanyama's red card might have been because he sees a kindred spirit in Big Vic as they are two of only seven players in the Premier League era to be sent off three times in a season.

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