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4 horses


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need help here please.

What option do i take?

I don't want to risk my whole £5 on it winning, but do not understand the options, sorry.


er double it, put a tenner on it, actually don't follow my tips please, I have caused pain to forum memebers in the past, today it went well but this evening is a new kettle of fish.


Maybe have 50p E/w on it.

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Don't listen to the witch, go with the power of GREY STROKE or greystoke prince:rip:


today I have had the day of dreams, put £360 on the gee gee's and at the moment I have £440 to pick up, this may sound unimpressive but I've had a whole day of fun and if the last comes in it will be a whole monkey, wonderous day and tomorrow will be a wonderous day with young micheal leading the super crunch onto the field.

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hamster no idea, I have had too much to drink.





You mean to tell me thatI have been taking tips from a ****ed up amateur?


Thanks though, cos my paddypower account has got more money in it now, than when I logged on earlier.


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