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The Football Game - win your face in the game


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Hello! I apologise if this is off-topic but I really think it may interest you! Myself, my older brother, and dad have made our own board game about football.


For years, we were frustrated by the lack of a game that brought football home. We were put off by the time that computer management sims required, and bored by the snail's pace of tabletop games that tried to simulate single matches.


What we wanted to play was a game that captured the whole football experience for the fan. We wanted something that was about everything that happens off the pitch, as well as everything that happens on it! We think that the beauty of football is that it matters to people - clubs have loyal followers regardless of how well the team is performing.


The Football Game is a funny, fast-paced, and easy-to-learn board game about football club management, and it's on Kickstarter right now!


In the game each player takes charge of a Football Club and plays a whole season in 75 minutes. You don't have to be the best team to win - the winner is the club that most exceeds the expectations of it's fans!


Also, you can win your likeness in every copy of the game as a footballer or manager by entering the competition at http://www.londonboardgames.com


One fan of Southampton that enters the be-in-the-game competition will also win a free copy of the game.


Board games aren't the once-a-year bore-fests that they used to be. We've had an awesome reception from football fans and board-gamers alike.


See the Kickstarter page here:


Happy to answer any questions.


Cheers - Mark




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