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Who's up Next?


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So...Claude's rotation roulette, ambition-less side to side style and gripping interviews

have p****d a good few folk off!


Right then Who's up next?


I'm sure someone will trawl the World leagues and find some fancy fellas with a stat pack to match...but with no European football and an unlikely prospect of it next season plus a possible bottom half battle on the horizon, there's only the tricky League Cup Semi v L'pool to entice a new leader in January


Who'd take it?


Some unlikely characters to kick off with.


Big Sam & Little Sammy.

Uncle Woy Hodgson & a Neville

The Return of Nigel Adkins/Atkins

Young Eddie from Boscombe

Both Nevilles

Hapoel Beer Goggles manager

One De Boer or two

A Jose & Kelvin dream team

Give it to Les !


You decide!!!


(What a **** night it's been.....a list for fun....f**k it);)

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