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  1. Yep, that’s the way I saw it too. Distancing a little , it’s self preservation time !
  2. Fulham 6 points behind Newcastle with 14 games to play... that’s an achievable miracle if ever there was one
  3. We’d have signed two gentlemen of Verona 👀
  4. Absolutely!! I’m exactly the same. It must be why I always mention it when given the chance
  5. 😳 Phew, glad you said head just there! 😂
  6. He’s played 84 games in Serie A and 33 internationals for Uruguay(including 6 at 2018 World Cup) since we released him after just 1 appearance for us. Obviously didn’t fit our criteria, but do wish he’d played in that cup final and dealt with Ibrahimovic ! C’est la Vie
  7. Absolutely 100% !! He offers nothing now. In fact, one 25 goal season at Reading and a 13 goal return year alongside Pellè and Mane for us are his only 2 standout seasons. Over the other 15 and a half seasons as a professional with 4 different clubs, he has averaged just under 5 goals a season! A very poor record for a ‘Striker’. I don’t buy the ‘selfless’ running, the pace to get behind/beyond defenders and that he is Ingsy’s preferred strike partner. Those days are done. His presence has blocked the opportunity for us to bring a better player into the club in my opinion, particu
  8. Mind you, if he did nudge Diallo in beside Armstrong and then Walcott alongside Adams, it could be a bit stronger 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. If we sign Tomsk and Orinoco to play alongside Wellington I reckon we’d clean up 😁😇
  10. Send the first team up to Leeds and put a B team ‘plus’ out v Shrewsbury In the cup on the same night. There easy ha!
  11. Absolutely! And for some of the reasons you mention , our left side is completely ineffective. Ralph needs look beyond Long etc with the young lads or a new face in January.
  12. Absolutely spot on. Lack of real commitment to Ralph’s ideas from both of them for a while now it was never going to suit everyone we had in squad, but those who are buying into it and making things happen are becoming more and more obvious this season and if alternatives for these two could found in January, then so be it
  13. If we lose at the Emirates I’m not sure it will be down to if Romeu plays or not. As you eluded to re: City game, they’ll be faves with or without him in our side. Think Diallo’s little cameos have looked good and in a three game week it might be an opportunity to put him in. I wasn’t advocating that Romeu ‘had’ to be back for city, Diallo may well prove to be a different option in that position, rather than an outside bet. The way Arsenal look just now I think if Diallo has that bit of quality we all hope he has, then it may enhance rather than compromise the chances of a win. Just a thought.
  14. With Romeu a yellow away from a ban, I’d give him the night off completely back for City Switch up a little and start Diallo. Start Redmond over Theo and add B team 4 goal Tella to the bench. McCarthy. Bertrand Westergaard Bednarek KWP JWP. Diallo Armstrong. Redmond Ings. Adams subs: Forster. Stephens Salisu Tella. Djenepo. Walcott Nlundulu
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