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Had your Saints car stickers noticed by strangers yet?

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After 3 years of proudly sporting official Saints stickers in the rear window of my car, I FINALLY got a hit!!!


It was strangely compounded by an very odd coincidence.


I was happily driving around at about 60 mph about 50 miles from home when an overtaking car wound down the passenger window. A very attractive lady shouted across that they (obviously including the driver) LOVED the "Southampton Saints" sticker in my rear window..... Well, she was very attractive so I immediately took notice and forgave her mentally for endangering my life on a public highway...... I also decided not to kill her for calling them Southampton Saints. Even cute Americans can make that mistake.


Now, I was very pleased about this. FINALLY someone noticed my stickers enough to endanger their lives to make a comment about them! I was very pleased, and by this time I was really wishing I had put my teeth in so that I could smile broadly. I had not, so I had to make do with flashing back a retarded looking grin and hoping that my eyes were transmitting some kind of joyous approval.


Then it got weird...... Hey!!! She said. Are you Trevor?..... Um, Yeah, I replied nonplussed.......Skip forward to when things started making sense......It turns out my English accent raised a flag in their car.....She then piped up "My husband is Hugh Jass!"


Now it all made sense to me. These guys randomly saw my sticker, are big fans of EPL and simply are nuts enough to high five me at speed. After doing that, they then recognized my accent, my general location, and put 2 and 2 together and realized that they knew me from a popular home brewing forum!!!


For someone who met his wife of 17 years by accident on the internet, I suppose I should be getting used to this kind of random crap by now?

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