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Many thanks to the saints who called or texted or messaged information that we transmitted on the giordano1saints channel yesterday.


I really really appreciated your efforts, without you the show would'nt be 1/10th as much fun and informative to fans worldwide.


We peaked at 24 simultaneous viewers i think (up from 11 last week) which is a great increas!....


Its available to view now (all 105 mins of transmission) if you want to have some giggles looking at the idiot with the saints cap make a fool of himself being a live tv show presenter but who is totally biased towards 1 team.....lol.


Anyhow, im proud of my team, even if we keep losing, at least we are losing the right way.

ps especially Minty, red+white4life,Magnet, Northam Rich, Mike, LaManga neil...you know who u are...cheers guys!.....you superstars!



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