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Original Dell, Milton Road Stand Signage. "SOUTHAMPTON FOOTBALL CLUB"

Dell End

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Original Dell, Milton Road Stand Signage. "SOUTHAMPTON FOOTBALL CLUB"

It is the lettering from the sign which can be seen in the header photo of this wikipedia link of The Dell. I wanted to post a photograph of them laid out which i took, but I cant find the facility to do this. If anyone can advise I'd appreciate it.


This is the original lettering which was on the outside of the Milton Road Stand at The Dell.

When they were taken down in 2001 they were auctioned off and bought by Francis Benali who has owned them for the last 20 years until he recently decided to part with them.

I want to try and sell them complete but if there are no takers I will sell the letters individually.

The price for the complete set of 23 letters is £575 + delivery.

If I decide to sell them seperately the price per letter will be £35 + postage. Feel free to register your pre-interest for the individual letters stating which letters you are interested in. If they are not already reserved they will be reserved for you. * Please note: They will only be sold seperately if there are no buyers for the set.

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