View Full Version : Gender Dysphoria, MX and all that..

Crab Lungs
25-02-2019, 08:00 PM
This has got my goat for a long time but what exactly is going on these days?

Non-binary, mx, gender neutral - what is all this? Why are people identifying themselves as helicopters and why are there people advocating giving hormones to kids (pre-pubescent) because they feel a bit more female or male.

I couldnít decide at 16 what I wanted to do with my life, let alone being four and switching genders.

Seriously... Iím just watching this awful panorama programme and Iím not feeling any sympathy for a lot of who is on there; all Iím hearing is the self-absorbed wailing of messed up kids and people enabling their flippant whims.

By all means, be who you are, smash who you fancy and be an individual.... but a some of this seems to be some form of deep-seated attention seeking from a very, very messed up generation.

And apparently...by enabling this is meant to solving issues. Donít see it myself, I just see it creating more confusion and more of this weird, everyone is offended by everything snowflake culture.