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  1. Maybe RH thinks he's found another Keita, who was part twinkle-toes, part destroyer for Leipzig.
  2. verlaine1979


    Would be great if that's where we end up, but I fear it'll be more like £5m + KWP.
  3. verlaine1979


    Think Spurs will probably beat us down into taking about $15m for him, which is the lowest he could go for without us completely losing face. And you could argue that prorated over a standard four year contract, that's the equivalent of valuing him at £60m, which is probably actually a bit over the odds for what he brings.
  4. verlaine1979


    Do people really still not understand that clubs can't just sell players without their agreement?
  5. Two year-long cruciate ligament injuries and a recent knee surgery.
  6. Hopefully RH's reputation in Germany, particularly around bringing through young players, might give us an edge in recruitment.
  7. Adams looks a lot more alive in the box after a few games, but his one-footedness is a concern. I know 99% of players have a dominant foot, but he seems absolutely allergic to touching the ball with his left.
  8. verlaine1979


    Absolutely - you don't let players get down to only a year left on their contracts and then try and hardball who they can sign for. At the very least, it would absolutely kill our reputation as a reasonable stepping stone club for talented young players.
  9. Eze looks quick, strong and seems to strike the ball incredibly cleanly. Rare to get two of those together, let alone all three. Hope we're sniffing about if he's on sale this summer.
  10. verlaine1979


    Possibly, though the Spurs board don't seem to have had keeping managers happy high on their list of priorities in previous windows. Levy just seems to have a mantra of always underpay and always oversell, and if either of those can't be achieved, he gets out of the market.
  11. verlaine1979


    Think they'll both convert him into a bog standard defensive midfielder and try and get him to cut out the long range passing and shooting. He's got the energy and commitment to press and harry for 90 minutes, and if they can get him to lay the ball off simply to the likes of Gomes or Alli, he might do a job for them.
  12. verlaine1979


    Hoj probably reasoning that the best way to get Spurs to come to the table is to show that they don't hold all the cards in his career.
  13. Too many players in this squad who really, really can't finish.
  14. Did anyone actually scout Vest, or did they just look at a chart with his height on it and nothing else?
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