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  1. Ares are a pretty huge, which makes me curious why they'd get into bed with someone as small time as DaGrosa.
  2. He was absolutely superb at Monaco. When they knocked City out of the Champion's League a few years ago, he looked better than Fabinho.
  3. Building a brand is expensive if you didn't already become one during football's heyday. It's not for nothing that the only two clubs attempting to join the famous old guard on the global stage are owned by countries, rather than individuals.
  4. He seems similar to William Carvalho in stature and style of play - he looks a bit slow and ungainly from YT clips, but hard to tell if that's just a consequence of how big he is.
  5. Luis at Benfica would seem to fit the bill for a Hoj replacement - his highlights suggest he covers the ground very well and has a decent passing range.
  6. I was directly comparing him to an Argentine international who played for both Barcelona and Madrid. What makes you think I'm criticising his height? That said, if he really is 5'9, he must have short little legs for someone that tall...
  7. I just can't see DaGrosa finding the investment he needs, not after his relationship with the majority shareholder he brought on board at Bordeaux soured so quickly. He just doesn't have the profile to attract the money required to buy into the PL. He's a small-time middle man who once sold a few fast food franchises twenty years ago - no one is trusting him with half a billion dollars or more.
  8. Sims reminds me of Javier Saviola, insofar as he's so small that when he's running with the ball is looks like the top of it almost reaches his knee.
  9. Lucky they don't have Lemina, Hoedt and Carrillo on their books, otherwise they'd be completely hamstrung.
  10. Consistently hitting your shots close to the keeper isn't bad luck, it's bad finishing.
  11. Have you perchance looked at how many goals per game we've conceded so far?
  12. 3/4 of his goals and the vast majority of the chances he's missed are just him smacking it as hard as he can. That's kicking, not finishing.
  13. Agreed. Gunn was signed so we could play with a higher line. If McCarthy's shot stopping drops further, there's no reason not to go back to Gunn. At least he'd have snuffed out Son's first today.
  14. Adams isn't unlucky, short on confidence or still adapting to the league. He's just a very poor finisher with below average anticipation in the box. Such a poor buy considering how broke we are.
  15. That's insane - high line needs at least one genuinely quick CB and a nimble keeper comfortable with the ball at his feet. Our CBs are lumpen (even Salisu doesn't look that quick) and our first choice keeper is as old school as they come.
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