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  1. When is Redmond likely to be back? Armstrong has been poor for three games in a row now, giving up possession far too easily and looking leaden-footed. Any chance we could play with both Redmond and Djenepo when both are fit with Armstrong dropped?
  2. We are good at pressing, but too many of our players are no good at playing when pressed. United turned up and contrary to expectations, pressed energetically from the very beginning. Our goals came against the run of play and they eventually just ground us down. Adams did well holding the ball up and Djenepo worried them, but the rest of the team looked stale and out of ideas.
  3. Spot on. It's not his game, so what was he thinking? Plus, goal aside, he was cack against Newcastle.
  4. So needless from Armstrong. There was an easy offload and we'd have been on the break.
  5. Bednarek and McCarthy the only real weak links in our possession game. I never feel confident that we're going to keep the ball when play goes through either of them.
  6. Means its unlikely to be a mental illness issue, considering all the work being done to destigmatize depression in sport. You're not exactly filling us with confidence that he's going to play a long-term part at the club by alluding to a personal misfortune so terrible that it cannot and should not ever become public knowledge.
  7. I'd be interested to see a map of where Redmond's take-on attempts occur on the pitch. My guess would be most of it is around the half way line or immediately after throw ins, when he's quite good at shifting the ball around a defender from a standing start. He's much less effective when carrying the ball over distances bigger than 5-10 yards, especially when pace is involved (as, contrary to forum wisdom, he's not got much straight line speed).
  8. Walcott's control is still very good, which enables him to turn more quickly than most of our attackers. His pace is obviously not what it once was, but several times against Newcastle he picked the ball up centrally and advanced to the edge of the box, driving the defense backwards and allowing our wide players to make runs. He's a different threat to Ings, and certainly won't score as many, but I do think he adds a new dimension to how we build attacks through the middle, which could unsettle teams who think they have us worked out.
  9. Agreed - his technique is okay, but not nearly good enough to make up for his lack of acceleration, top speed and strength. Tadic was also pretty slow, but his control and awareness are miles better, which is why he's starring against the likes of Madrid in the Champion's League, and Elyounoussi is starring against Motherwell in Scotland.
  10. Why would a club breaking even or making transfer profits find itself with a vastly elevated wage bill compared to the rest of the league? As I've said, Wolves spent a large amount of money to get promoted in the two years after their takeover, but they appear to be the exception rather than the rule.
  11. You're just way off in your estimate of how much teams have to spend to get promoted. For instance, in the five years prior to promotion, Leeds made a net transfer profit of over £14m. In contrast, Wolves spent pretty big after their takeover, but their pre-promotion transfer outlay was still under £60m net, and 1/3 of that was buying Neves who is now worth around £50m just by himself. If anyone is spending anything close to £100m to get promoted, they are the outlier, not the likes of Sheff Utd.
  12. Thing is, you don't have to spend as much. It doesn't cost £100m to get to the PL from the Championship, and once you do get promotion, your spending spree to stay up is funded (for now) by the vastly increased TV revenue and the safety net of parachute payments. You also seem to imply that football club owners (outside of Man U, Arsenal and a few others with massively elevated commercial incomes) earn money from their clubs' annual revenues - they don't. If you're trying to make money from buying a non-elite football club, the only game in town is asset appreciation, in which case there'
  13. Haha - happy to take the dings from this one.
  14. Yup, his passing has been rubbish and he looks like he's running through treacle.
  15. Vest doesn't really jump - he leans towards the ball and hopes his height advantage will be enough.
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