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  1. Annoying result but (and I'm grasping here) it does at least keep Burnley below Saints. There can be no doubt we are in a relegation dog fight this year, results like this keep our head above water. October and I'm already looking at results this way 😲 So Watford next ..... oh
  2. I genuinely can't remember. Sheffield last year i think. That can't be right can it
  3. The cold hard truth is that if Saints were taken over by the Saudis, the majority of fans would be reacting the same as Newcastle fans. As far as I am concerned they'll be just another fat cat club I can enjoy Saints upsetting on a few occasions. To keep things regional, I wouldn't be surprised to see Sky push a minted owner our way or more likely Bristol. Personally I'm not bothered. I don't care which league Saints are in (well I do but you get my point). I'll enjoy watching them wherever. The Championship certainly isn't a bad league, and we can't be far from a PL2 now. A ba
  4. macca155

    Injury Watch

    Well thats an opinion you are entitled to on Redmond. Various managers, pundits, and a fair few on here disagree. Don't get me wrong I'd prefer a better option. Let's agree on Tino, hell of a talent. Watch Newcastle offer 100 million now.
  5. I missed out Paine, Channon, Keegan, Davies, and Chivers. Its hard to project these players forward as football was so different then. On reflection I'd select Chivers over Shearer. However I couldn't drop any of Ball, Case, Williams, or LeTissier for them, or the likes of Pahars or Ecklund. So hard. Not even Newcastle could afford that team!
  6. You never saw Golac play then. Would walk into any team. Well charge whilst scattering other players.
  7. macca155

    Injury Watch

    Decent experienced Premier League player helps young 18 year old talent. That is funny why?
  8. In fairness you could just list the 1984 team. Those of us a bit ancient, will name players alien to youngsters on here, but here goes. Shilton Golac Wright Van Dyke Bridge Ball Williams Case LeTissier Shearer Moran If you didn't see Williams Golac Wright or Moran play you missed out on real legends. What a team that would be. Subs bench Neimi Hollywood McGrath Bale Mane Keegan Wallace Chivers
  9. Most teams will lose to Chelsea. No disgrace in the result but I am annoyed by the number of cards. Some indiscipline from pros there. It will cost Saints later in the year. Armstrong and Diallo will no doubt replace JWP and Walcott, that isn't a massive downgrade if at all. I like Diallo and I think he needs more time on the pitch. I thought Redmond had a good game, but Armstrong and Walcott really were passengers. Standouts for me were McCarthy and Salisu. Suck up the result, forget it and move on. Still very tight at the bottom. Certainly isn't time to panic .... yet. Th
  10. Thats a red, we'd be outraged if it was the other way. Can't be too one eyed about these things. Need to hold on now.
  11. That will be because Redmond is playing ok and Tella is a lost boy.
  12. Half time needs a bit of this
  13. Regardless of the fact that the goal was disallowed, bit soft, it was terrible defending. They'll concede a hatful if that continues.
  14. Romeu is really struggling here. Diallo needs to replace him.
  15. Well that was terrible. If all Ralph has is pushing up Bendarek to support Long, then we could well be doomed. The focus on not conceding has killed our attacking threat. Very bad day at the office.
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