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  1. This has been on the cards since Leicester muscled in on their little club. Wolves, West Ham, even Saints (occasionally) have upset things. Their American owners simply cannot allow their investment to be undermined. Get ready for franchises to be moved around. Personally I'd say let them go and chuck them out of the Prem at the same time. Good riddance.
  2. This is Saints's 6th semi final in my football time, and I am outraged that I cannot go. Totally understand why of course but still disappointed. By now I'd be well into a lunchtime beer, and eyeing up a dodgy burger. So not fair, watching on TV just isn't the same. Still need to make the best of it. Should be a good game. If Saints turn up they can easily match Leicester. Equally it could be hide behind the sofa time. FA cup semi finals are notoriously difficult to predict. I admire the optimism of those trying. Please no penalties, I really couldn't cope.
  3. I really wouldn't make predictions for the semi final based on that dross last night. Players will definitely step up a notch, but will it be enough. Let's hope they have it in them. Leicester aren't unbeatable, and Saints aren't some weak 2nd div team. If this game was being played in October Saints would be equal odds at least. Same players just need the same spirit.
  4. That's hard to argue against M'Lord. You are right the buck stops with him. If this form continues he will be a goner. I was trying to search for why we are in this situation. We've had some great wins these last few years, so there is hope with Ralph. Question is will we see that again. Personally I think we might if he has some decent support. Won't happen of course, football needs immediate results. He needs some wins and fast. So do we!!!
  5. After recent performances it is certainly justified to start having doubts about Ralph. However this is definitely not the right time to even start considering a change. The commentator got it spot on when he said 'when their lights are all shining, Saints are mesmerising to watch, but that hasn't happened often recently' or something like that. Ralph's team can be amazing and a nightmare to play against. However this is becoming increasingly rare, as managers find tactics that neutralise our threat. The lack of a different approach suggests he needs coaching support. The
  6. Conceding 5 goals to Spurs at the start of the season, should have set alarm bells ringing. Yet here we are 7 months later, and absolutely no improvement. That is the fault of the manager and his assistants. The club needs a coaching and player shake up. The current methodology is clearly ineffective, and easily countered by other managers. Starting to get niggling doubts about Ralph.
  7. Well its not over yet but a shocking performance so far. All the issues are in midfield, JWP and Diallo don't seem to be able to control things.
  8. My God we are so shot as fans. Zero confidence. Burnley going right at us at the moment. Just need to be patient, chances will come we need to take them
  9. That was a pen can't argue with that
  10. Can't say there was anything in your post to argue with. I didn't like your analogy with Newcastle. Not that it wasn't spot on. I just didn't like it😯 I think the season has to be looked at as a whole. In November we looked world beaters, now we look terrible. However if we gain a few points soon, it will simply be an average season. The inconvenient truth is that either the club is bought soon, or this decline will continue.
  11. Quality from Redmond, well done. He is a classic confidence player. Let's hope he goes on a mega run now.
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