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  1. They would be better off playing the game at somewhere like Eastleigh. Still 2000 fans but easier to generate some sort of atmosphere. 2000 at St Mary's will be a bit weird. 20% would be more sensible.
  2. macca155

    Injury Watch

    I think I agree with the OP. Losing Ings would be serious (very), but Saints do have cover there. Adams Walcott and two keen youngsters is reasonable cover. Long is a support player rather than a goal scorer, but adds to the dimension. In comparison cover for Bertie is Vokins. We all have high hopes for him but Bruce will be targeting that area on Friday. Its the one area that Saints don't have cover.... blast
  3. Walcott looks nervous and not use to our style of play, he needs to close down more. That should mean he scores now
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