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  1. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/06/donald-trump-roy-cohn-relationship A good read
  2. Their voting system doesn't help that's for sure.
  3. Keir isn't cutting through is he. Research has shown that the personality of the leader is key. Starmer hasn't got it, Bunham has, I think.
  4. England are the Southampton of international teams. We are all fuckin cursed.
  5. I guess they wouldn't see gender either, they would be shit as a witness in a murder case.
  6. Surely saying someone looks like another race isn't racist.
  7. Of course you can, you can evidence how he/the government has acted in the past, other similar measures, speeches, old policies, policy trends, ideology. Loads of stuff, but you have just based yours on a feeling.
  8. Oh dear, you've based it all on a feeling with no evidence whatsoever.
  9. In your strange world only mate. Boris who delayed lockdowns and border controls despite the scientists advice because he didn't want to curtail freedoms or be seen to ban Christmas. And the Boris who is pushing ahead with voter ID despite the discrimination outcry from lefties. Seems to directly contradict your take, you are looking LD but not seeing.
  10. It's generally accepted that bikes shouldn't be on the pavement, so that rule should follow for e scooters, but they are far less safe on the road than a bike. What hole are they trying to fill that can't be done by walking, cycling or driving. The only scenario I can think off is someone who has a 15 minute + walk daily commute to the station and the same the other end
  11. That appears to be the case, he would rather a blanket ban. It's all about the optics with this government, they must think a blanket ban is preferable to big nanny state document option.
  12. You think you've got a gotcha. Boris doesn't want a vaccine passport full stop, nothing to do with who it might affect. Ideologically he doesn't want his Tory party to impose this anti-libertarian messure. Nothing to see here.
  13. People accept good chamge. I think these things are dangerous and I wouldn't want my boy going around town on one. The fact that hired ones need all those controls on them says it all, because private ones don't have any controls.
  14. No, it's because Boris won't be the man to have a bit of paper stand in the way of an English mans inalienable right to buy a pint.
  15. It has to be easier to do a smaller country, there will be diminishing returns when you scale up.
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