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  1. Yeah Tino was knackered for the last 15 yesterday.
  2. Big big call, one we are light years away from making.
  3. I get the point about about there has to be a point where we stop, but the first winter after the pandemic doesn't feel like the right point. Mask wearing is such a small imposition and its more about reducing the burden on the NHS then protecting anti-vaxxers.
  4. It about limiting contact with aerosols, not stopping contact completely. It can only help quell the numbers, people are catching it somewhere.
  5. I agree, a mask mandate, forces those selfish cunts do their bit. It also helps stops those selfish cunts being double selfish cunts by taking up a hospital bed that could be better used by someone else. Asking people to pop on a mask in the supermarket, train etc isn't a big ask.
  6. All that does seem self indulgent. I was having a pint the other night with my NHS colleagues from the estates department the conversation moved on to going into the 'wrong' pub by mistake, and I can assure those worried about a trans ideology takeover, that this is far from the case in my small part of Kent.
  7. The gay player, great in midfield but doesn't know what to do with it in the box. Still good to bring on when you're losing, great at coming from behind.
  8. When the government choses to do it for one thing and not another, its about limiting contact/exposure not prohibiting it completely. This tries to strike a balance between protection and the economy. Perfectly sensible. The argument that 'they've allowed this so they should allowed that', is a bogus argument.
  9. Nigel Adkins sacked from Charlton. He has never managed to get going again after he left us. Shame, nice bloke.
  10. Plenty of highly respected medical organisations recommend mask wearing.
  11. That's just for covid patients, I was talking about all patients, maybe I wasn't clear. There has been a slight but increasing rise of covid patients in my hospital, but nothing like the other peaks. We are full with backlog patients and current elective care and we will have the usual winter pressures on top. The point being that a rise in covid patients will be impossible to accommodate without the shut down of scheduled care. On top of that 40k nurse vacancies, something will have to give. They can free up space by stopping elective care, so hip replacements etc will have to wait anoth
  12. My hospital is full, we have been tasked with making extra bedspaces on current wards. The problem is we haven't got enough staff to open a winter pressure ward. We are short of nurses, yet the Tories expect kids to pay £9k a year for three years to train, all for a low to average wage at the end. No surprise kids choose not to do it, surely a tory market approach would be free training.
  13. Yes they are, do people really have a problem saying that, when the numbers are overwhelming? What is also undeniable is that the amount of Muslims that are terrorists is very very small. People aren't apologists for saying that. What is not spoken about enough is the links between the Saudis and Muslim terrorist groups, yet here we are as a country embracing them.
  14. There is an issue with religious mentalists and fascists. The authorities attempt to deal with it through anti-terrorist agencies and the Prevent program. But its very difficult.
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