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  1. I didn't mind the idea of it, but the kits were average at best. Hated the first one, loved the red sleeve one. Probably most don't give a shit, but if you do have a view on kits, I would guess that most would prefer a non-stock kit, I was just ahead of the curve in the late 80's.
  2. My point wasn't that it was a rehash of Coventrys but that we had the same stock kit as another team at the same time, just a different colour. I would have prefered a unique kit. I had forgotten about Villa, I'm even more outraged. Football fan with fallacious views shock horror. I also didn't like having Sanderson at the same time as Sheffield Wednesday, book me in to the nearest mental home now.
  3. This sort of thing gets said about many young players. Young player used to success, bigged up all his short life, his sometimes cocky behaviour gets misinterpreted by some middled aged ordinary bloke who still harbours an erroneous idea that he could have made it if he had the luck and the attention these youngsters get. The same was said about Harrison Reed, he's gone on to be a prem player.
  4. The 6-1 ten days before hand fucked us up.
  5. Our Hummel kits of the past were ok, the Danish one was just a rebadged kit and the striped one was ok but ordinary. I the hated the Danish one at the time, thought it was shit, just rebadged and the red version of Coventrys kit and the follow up striped shirt was ordinary.
  6. You want to try getting a life, at 11 last night I was having a drink and a laugh with the family with brexit and all that shit furthest from my mind.
  7. Farage's kids have German passports, they all retain their freedom of movement. I'll get my Paddy one now.
  8. Missed the 'white', yeah that's bang to rights, no aussie would wear that.
  9. No doubt there were Brits there, but to use English football tops as evidence is a bit thin, my Aussie nephew is often in his Man U top and my cousin's son in his Brighton top.
  10. No he's not, he's just relieved that it's not no deal and that it's over, he knows that the window for a second referendum is well gone. In the year of covid, businesses are desperate for any springboard.
  11. I thought we were talking about Labour abstaining, you've just thrown in a load of surplus bollocks. Whilst you've bought it up, the threat of a no deal is over exaggerated, everyone on the EU side knew we wouldn't go down that path. If there is one consensus in all of this, is that is no one in the UK wanted a no deal. Apart from the very small group of Brexit purist and their keyboard followers.
  12. You can vote fot something you dont agree with if the alternative is worse. You can either vote on principles or for the best outcome. It is simple to explain, I look forward to see the tory press fail to make this simple position into a trap.
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