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  1. Isn't the point about Australia is that they are surrounded by international water and so they can behave differently, our sovereign water butts directly upto French water. So we are bound by different conventions. I see the UK government are currently in France seeking French co-operation as stated by the more rational on here.
  2. If course it's factual that they are passing through, because that's their intention and that's what they are doing. Yes it's illegal and outside the immigration system, but it's a system that they think they can't be a part of, so they don't care for the rules. The truth is we are in a moment where there is so much turmoil all this is natural. How can the government stop it happening, I woukd like to know, previously the government had some measure of sucess in collaborating with France but now we are coming out of the EU that good will is thin on the ground. Brexit might give us more control on legal migration from the EU but it's seemly eroding our control on illegal migration.
  3. A really high percentage of your post's comment on people's comprehension, are you 13? Your first paragraph is nonsense, naturally. Your second paragraph illustrates my point entirely, despite EU migrants being legally entitled to come here, you don't want them and class them the same as illegal immigrants. Classic.
  4. Not really, he was replying to the point about EU migration, the clue was the bit he put in bold. Another mess from Weston Ender. Is there a distinction, no one likes either the legal or the illegal immigrants.
  5. But they are not coming from France, they are passing through France, so your point is pointless. These aren't people just happy to be claiming asylum in the first safe place, these are people moving for economic reasons to better their lives. France doesn't want them, Britain doesn't want them, no where wants them so they might as well try to get to a place where they want to go. They have nothing to lose, they come from war torn destroyed places, economically backward places or religiously retarded places; it's stick or twist in your one life on this planet (regardless of what the religious nutters say). I know what most europeans would do and have done over the last 500 years, my grandparents came from Ireland in the 40's and in the 70's we went to New Zealand, the whole world is populated by europeans seeking a better life, they have taken over north and south america and oceania. So people trying to sanctimoniously point out that they are not refugees but economic migrants is pointless, it doesn't seek to understand and or help solve the problem. I don't know what the answer is but the world has got itself into a right mess and it needs an almighty effort to turn things around (in all reality we probably can't).
  6. Who is conforming to the herd on the mask debate, those wearing them or those not or both, I can't work it out.
  7. The women who were prescribed thalidomide in the 50's but didn't take it for fear of what it might do to there unborn babies, were they thick and deluded. I haven't read MLT posts but putting the conspiracy nonsense to one side, isn't one of the core points that there is a risk in taking a rushed vaccine, which maybe is a greater risk than covid poses to some people. I have some sympathy with that point of view, I will gather as much information as possible before I make a decision and I know that there won't be any ex-footballers on my research list.
  8. There are not French people in those dinghies are they. If they were they could economically migrate here easily. They are from the other side of the med. But you know that, so I don't really know what point you are trying to make.
  9. I hope it's Katie Hopkins, she can't catch a l break at the moment.
  10. People living in shit holes with no future leaving to better their lives, who would have thought it. Mann has been an economic migrant since he was upright.
  11. I don't care who you are, this whole unknowing shtick has been done before and it wasn't entertaining then. Why don't you pop off and compose a hilarious conversation to have with your other log in.
  12. The trouble with conspiracy theories is they are addictive, once you start believing one you end up being drawn into them all, but this is no surprise as the human brain is predisposed to believing in myths. In my experience the people that are into them are the people to avoid in the pub, I believe life is more cock up than conspiracy. An MLT would think that's because I am hiding something, it's an endless game best not played.
  13. This was the plan in the early days of Leibherr and Potch, there was a style of football across the teams, it meant that losing a manager had less impact and that youth players were already schooled in line with the first team. Wasn't this the first step in the Southampton Way. Then Koeman came along and didn't want anything to do with anything outside of the first team, he said as much in an interview and this was the first indication of a difference of opinion between him and Reed, but as he was successful the club let it go. We also started to think that we could make money from cheaper European imports, but we now know that we got our fingers burnt doing this, so it seems like it's a return to the original blueprint, maybe tweaked to take into account Ralphs experience abroad. It also seems like a way of keeping a trim first team, which Ralph likes whilst still allowing Ralph to have oversight of the B squad which the club likes.
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