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  1. It used to be that you can only be registered with two clubs in a season, this would stop anyone buying someone and moving them on straight away.
  2. Look at the forum hard men getting stroppy because someone else is a bit excited, insane.
  3. Attitude has been cited by people for years, normally by people a million miles away from being a professional footballer. But these boys wouldn't have got so far with a shit attitude. Also they have been winners all their footballing lives, then they get to a place where they start to struggle, so of course they are going to come across a bit challenged and blame it on something, thats how competitive people cope. The truth is normally that they are just not good enough.
  4. The conspiracy addled mind is really fascinating. Because someone did a speech about population growth they are cast as the villain of the whole pandemic. There is no other evidence, just a passing interest in demography.
  5. The answer is one of; Rejoin single market Border in Irish Sea Give up Nothern Ireland EU to accept a opening in their border
  6. It was a chance for Cummings to play out his theories, fuck the real world and fuck real people. He just needed a buffoon to ride. He is an adherent of the OODA loop decision making theory used by the American military. The yanks found that the OODA loop may be good at winning wars but it's useless at winning the peace. And the Brexiteers are finding the same. What were the chances of an unelected power hungry maniac and a tory buffoon coming along at the same time. Thinking about it, probably very high.
  7. Right on cue the soilder deepest in the jungle, with branches tied to his back and two lines of soot smeared under his eyes, appears.
  8. The knee arguement is over, anyone clinging on to any of the very weak spurious arguments are like Japanese soldiers in the jungle in the 1970's.
  9. There is obviously a power struggle behind the scenes between the moderate main stream news from a different angle and the right wing foxdinistas. Any credibility they had with their campaign against biased media and cancel culture is up in smoke with the sacking of Gutto Harri and with it their cloak of plausible deniability is cast aside. It was all so predictable, free speech as long as the mob agree. Fox News UK here we come. The right wing are a joke, it would be funny if they weren't so dangerous.
  10. It's not a contradiction, hope that helps.
  11. Those stuttering run ups are shit. You've got to be able to score a penalty without doing that.
  12. I going to tape the match and watch it tomorrow as I have a backlog of Mrs Browns Boys to watch first.
  13. Not a lover of a monochrome badge, stick a normal badge on it and it's a winner.
  14. Is being wound up by the booing equal to being would up by the wotsit song.
  15. Booing isn't being banned. But UEFA expects an FA to try and provide the correct environment, they know that can't do anything about it, so setting a standard and issuing a fine is just a signal. Just like FAs and UEFA can't do much about racist chanting, so they issue a fine to show that it's behaviour contrary to their standards. It keeps the sponsors happy.
  16. I just hope that Saints tweet best wishes for a good day to Graziano Pelle on Sunday. That'll warm up the wums.
  17. Or themselves as the tournament hosts.
  18. It can be either, it depends whether it's an asset you want to offload or keep. Offload and it's a buyers market, keep and it's a sellers market.
  19. How about about bumpimg his wages up big time. Win win, we keep a top asset he gets top wedge.
  20. I think as a car alternative they will have marginal impact. I think they are an alternative to buses and bikes. My work mate has one, did the 7 miles to work and back a couple of times only and one of them was when we were going to the pub.
  21. Isn't this normal for start up tv. It lauches with the bidding team to alright numbers then struggles for a bit, then a new team comes in or it gets bought out and revamps and the numbers pick up and grow.
  22. Pickford has been working on his temperament and it shows, he is a lot more calm and in control which improves his concentration. He obviously recognised that he was turning into Hart 2.0. He is playing well in this tournament. Shaw has been very good as well.
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