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  1. We didn't seem to have the spark and speed of pass of the last few games. Maybe due to the break? Shame about the Walcott miss. Would've taken a point beforehand of course, so can't complain. We can't be annoyed at staying 5th, surely?!
  2. Lee Todd. Delivered the same level of quality whichever side. #consistent
  3. Presumably you've heard a whisper/ been given a nudge and a wink?
  4. Suhari

    Injury Watch

    Precaution due to a tight hamstring it seems. And Jannik not travelled either - has this been confirmed? If so, good news for us. Pointless games. Use the time to get rid of the niggles, and continue to work on the training ground with the majority of the squad.
  5. Good read that is - thanks for posting. Highlights just how much we have developed in the time since Puel. Puel.....MoPe....Hughes....and now the playing style we are enjoying. Quite a turnaround.
  6. Bumped into our owner tonight in 888 Winchester. I was ordering Peking Duck, he was waiting for Wonton and Special Rice. He asked me to pass on a message to the true fans:
  7. Adam Blackmore Tweeted Stephens at LB.
  8. "We are delighted that he chose to sign for us. Unfortunately when he was being measured for his training kit we discovered that one of the toes on his left foot is in fact a life-sized clone of Jimmy Krankie. An investigation is underway to determine how our world-class team failed to notice this during his extensive medicals. Wee Jimmy KrankieToe is now undergoing intensive training on how to become a premier league quality appendage. We are pleased with his progress and expect Salisu and Jimmy to make their debut soon."
  9. Walcott upfront surely, with Redmond back in. There were some questionmarks over his defensive work, so that issue goes away too. Looking forward to this game. I can't remember ever seeing us play on a Friday night before...... 😫
  10. I think there were reports that he had dropped his asking price as a result of Covid? Surely we are more attractive than a Championship club? Or is Gao still after too much.
  11. Looks like we're really keeping the pressure on too. Good. Let's get 9.
  12. World class free kick. Fantastic.
  13. We won't tell you what happens then.
  14. Understatement! Great to see him score like that at last.
  15. With a bit of luck this will be the best result Burnley get this season.
  16. Rumour is he's switching codes to walking football.
  17. He's not mobile enough, moves the ball too slowly, and is a red card waiting to happen. That was our forum wisdom over a long period. But WTF do we know?! Class player, in superb form, and according to Ralph the most professional he's ever worked with. Love that he's with us: give him another contact!
  18. Terrific, professional performance. We look so dangerous when we move the ball quickly. Loved Romeu: banging shots in, and high up the pitch, socks down, pulling the strings late on. Credit to Ralph for the progress we're making.
  19. Yep. And I thought he was an expensive, crappy signing that we should never have made. I may have been somewhat mistaken.
  20. It's okay. We just need Hoedt to get a run of 6-8 games and we'll soon forget Fonte ever played for us.
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