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  1. Pretty poor now. No spark or drive. But no need for it, either.
  2. Thought we started brightly, but have been much less tidy since the goal. Hopefully we can step it up second half.
  3. Bosh. I fucking love it when a youngster scores (in his first start too).
  4. Evening all. Enjoying this. Some decent touches from the new-boys.
  5. A relative term for him I would suggest! Didn't he get a new contract based on his form under Koeman (when he scored....10 in a season I think?) And he was linked to Liverpool if I recall correctly.
  6. This. Would be a shame - however, now I think about it we do not have a great track record in signing up good performers to long contracts. e.g. Forster, Long.
  7. That is an incredible message to hear (presumably from someone in the club). I really hope the guy fulfils his potential.
  8. Wonder if he could help us in the short term, given our injury problems? I guess his time here is done though.
  9. Hopefully we can show some anger and grit and get back on top.
  10. That rumour needs to be given the boot.
  11. Not sure he gives us the 'panic when the ball is lumped into the box' that Pelle did. Which could be an effective (though ugly) Plan B.
  12. Ideal Plan B off the bench when we're facing a parked bus. We do lack a physical presence up front. Not sure we'd ever see Ralph shouting for us to hit it long into box though.
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