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  1. Is this really a fact? Genuine question.
  2. Really don't want Howe. Kudos to the OP for sharing the info he had though. And just how dumbstruck will we all be if it turns out to be true!?
  3. Like to see Stu on in the next 10 minutes to help keep the momentum up.
  4. Some excellent attacking play in the last 15 minutes. Exciting. Swashbuckling even. A couple of shocking misses, but nice to see how we're moving the ball so much quicker. Really looking forward to the second half (when did I last experience that?!)
  5. Ha. My stream is behind. Surely we push on and win this now.
  6. Strange having Walcott in for this. I'd have thought we'd see more of the ball, with Burnley sitting back - hence need someone with a few tricks like Moussa to help unlock things. Ralphy see's them in training every day I guess, so in him we trust. And idea what he's wearing today?
  7. JennyPo and Perraud on the left, Broja upfront please. I know Mossa can be hit and miss, but he's forming a decent partnership with Perraud, and his unpredictability plus the Frenchman's crossing could be vital. So, unchanged from last time out. 3-0 Saints.
  8. Will make all the difference to their signing of Kylian Mbappé in January. I believe their is an interview from him somewhere, stating his admiration of Eddie.
  9. Did we miss him today? Or did we see a dynamic, forward thinking midfield display? Keen to see how we do in the next couple of matches.
  10. He seems more tactically flexible this season. Is that because he has more player options, or has he developed/got more willing to change?
  11. Enjoyable. What was the thing we did with moving the ball quickly through midfield, and having a midfielder running forwards with the ball? It's almost like our midfield has improved. Somehow.
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