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  1. Perhaps Ralph has a master plan, and will apply the same thinking to fullbacks as he does to the keepers? Rotate the 3 players between the 2 positions. Genius. What's not to like? 😵
  2. "Can't believe what a useless wanker this guy turned into." #boththinkingthesamerightnow #soarewe
  3. Is it me, or is Southgate starting to look like Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club?
  4. I'd like to see Armstrong get a run now. Seems to be opening up a bit. (I'm basically a neutral when England play, but want our guys to do well).
  5. I heard it was the French that started it. Some fella called Maginot.
  6. I bet he scores against us in the Europa League in a couple of years.
  7. Shame. There's a player in there somewhere, and I reckon we would need his input next season. After all we shipped tons of goals without him: surely worth a run of games early season? Nahhhh! I just fuckin' with ya! Good riddance. Try not to be so out of posiition that you walk into the door frame on the way out.
  8. Here's one for us dreamers... Gareth Bale to buy Saints. Fits with his comments about announcing something big after the Euros, and the ongoing absence of any takeover news. And Vardy just bought a chunk of a club, so it's not unprecedented. Who else should we include in this fantasy takeover team? Got to have Tom Jones in it.
  9. Presumably there's no reason to announce an interested party are in a period of exclusivity? So things could be a long way along before we hear anything. Possibly the first we hear is the announcement of a new owner.
  10. Uncertain, tending to concerned would sum it up for me. With an injection of ££ (and hence a couple of quality players) we should be fine, possibly pretty good. With the squad gaps and available ££, it feels we could be anywhere from truely dismal to a repeat of last year.
  11. I just hope Fulham don't overtake us and send us down before then.
  12. How many people would I offend if I made a comment such as "$20 for 30s with Lotta Okvist? I'll have some of that; waheyy, giggerty!" I do struggle with this stuff now. It was much easier a few years ago.
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