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  1. Yep. We have a very weak squad now.
  2. How many players did we leave free then! Jesus: we're awful.
  3. Unmarked, 6 yards out. Piss poor goal to concede.
  4. Adams doesn't get much luck does he!
  5. We're really not with it so far. Just a bunch of nothing.
  6. Incredible thing for the captain to come out with. Not a happy dressing room I guess. Cheeky bet on WH to go down perhaps.
  7. So Gunn on loan, to develop - and possibly become our number 1 some time? (or get sold at a profit) FF sold. McCarthy as first choice. Butland as backup. Who is next in line - do we have an up and coming keeper now?
  8. Didn't one of our 'flair' players look somewhat chubby in training pics immediately after lockdown, and then not feature for the rest of the season? And another have an injury after serving a ban, so wasn't involved?
  9. "As long as the money ends up in the bank." (Don't remember the actual quote.....)
  10. Just logged on to post this! Poor little fucker must be going nuts.
  11. Which presumably means one of our existing strikers would be off? Surely there's not room for 5.
  12. The video screen grab, "view from the office" was fooking hilarious to be fair.
  13. I suspect we'll see some differences in the fees of each player. £15M seems light for PEH, given we wanted £35M originally, and there was talk of £20M offered from other clubs. But...last year of the contract, and Spurs his chosen destination. £12M for KWP seems a bargain. There was suggestion that our sale of PEH would fund his replacement, so hopefully that's not in danger.
  14. Seems strange that he lost his way so badly. Linked to Arsenal etc. Was he (is he) a decent manager? Will be very interesting to see where he goes next.
  15. Let's hope it's not '80-90% done, aside from the big bundle of extra $$$ a family member wants from the club'! Pretty sure we had that once, didn't we?
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