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  1. Rumour is he's switching codes to walking football.
  2. He's not mobile enough, moves the ball too slowly, and is a red card waiting to happen. That was our forum wisdom over a long period. But WTF do we know?! Class player, in superb form, and according to Ralph the most professional he's ever worked with. Love that he's with us: give him another contact!
  3. Terrific, professional performance. We look so dangerous when we move the ball quickly. Loved Romeu: banging shots in, and high up the pitch, socks down, pulling the strings late on. Credit to Ralph for the progress we're making.
  4. Yep. And I thought he was an expensive, crappy signing that we should never have made. I may have been somewhat mistaken.
  5. It's okay. We just need Hoedt to get a run of 6-8 games and we'll soon forget Fonte ever played for us.
  6. Which does make me smirk. How does Boufal fit in any way with Puels approach to footie?!
  7. Good game. Played well. We look decent again. Happy with my £15 investment to watch that; better than a dodgy stream.
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