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  1. 20 hours ago, VectisSaint said:

    I didn't say he did anything wrong, far from it. But he isn't a touchline coach, very important, underappreciated assistant to Ralph, who doesn't appear to welcome the limelight. At least he kept Dave Watson out of the picture.

    Hard to judge that from the tv coverage. He seemed to spend most of the game in the technical area whenever the camera showed it so assume he was being active rather than just standing there watching the game 

  2. 6 hours ago, Appy said:

    I think another full back that can cover either side what would an important addition, as it stands if KWP gets injured we’re in a bit of trouble. 

    Do they exist? Not sure I can name any in the premier league that play left and right back 

  3. 5 minutes ago, Saint_clark said:

    He had a good game last game out. 

    He's made plenty of mistakes, and there is better available. If we are looking at a position to upgrade I think goalkeeper is the one thats most achievable in terms of current ability and what it would cost to buy someone new.

    Who do you think we should be going for then??

  4. The big 9 which in reality is just the big 6and a few extras. Any changes only need 6 votes to get in so the other 3 carry little weight to stop anything.

    The PPV was probably their way of testing it  as the way to go with game broadcasting rights 

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  5. Just now, hypochondriac said:

    If you remember, we've had a few last minute out of nowhere transfers or loans before. 

    Not doubting just odd how some deals are played out in public and others can do unfollowed. It’s like they are brought to the media attention on purpose....

  6. 1 hour ago, hypochondriac said:

    I don't have any more details I'm afraid. My guess is it would be someone who could maybe cover a few positions at the back. Anything else we get after theo is a bit of a bonus. 

    If true, it’s odd how one deal is all over the media and the other is going completely under the radar.

    I suspect it’s Theo and the final few outs confirmed

  7. Happy to clear the deadwood from our squad and use some loans to cover the gaps until the takeover goes through.

    Some of our youngsters need games not time sitting on the bench so a bit of experience on loan to take their place in the squad while they get games will only benefit us longer term IMO.

  8. 1 minute ago, DT said:

    Guessing remaining business will be Butland in and Gunn out, plus either Davies, RLC or Theo Walcott in on loan, but could do with a little extra creative zip behind the front two in my view

    Talk of Williams too. Think it’s him and a wide player. I think Williams will not move until Man U confirm if they have Telles or not.

  9. People talk of Williams blocking Vokins development but it could actually aid it.

    1. It might allow him to go on loan and play regular first team football.


    2. It might slow him to not be part of first team squad and play regular B team football 

    either option would see him playing games rather than just being in the squad for first team and getting no games. 

  10. 1 minute ago, Sideways Jim said:

    The player we are looking at for tomorrow isnt playing in England by the sound of it 👀


    Will be able to add from these shores until 16th 

    Only if we sign from championship or below. Everything else closes tomorrow 

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