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  1. Only caught the last 15 mins but the ref seems really poor. No idea. Burnley biding their time whilst we let Redmond waste everything.
  2. Playing some great football. So frustrating it comes to nothing every time.
  3. Plenty of chances... need someone who can finish
  4. What was that challenge from Romeu? Awful. Stupid yellow
  5. And them walking through unopposed
  6. No-one taking charge at the back. Everyone all over the place.
  7. Experimental defence looking unstable. Not surprising really. Need to settle.
  8. Great second half of the second half. West Ham fairly poor considering the money they've spent. We deserved to win.
  9. We deserve to win. Ref clueless there.
  10. Strong running Broja. Couldn't do much more.
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