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  1. We've been very wasteful first half. Hope it doesn't come back to bite.
  2. Hopefully with Obafemi back, that'll be the last we see of Dan Nlundulu. Never seen such an ineffective, slow player.
  3. Of no consequence but once again the ref clueless to the free kick being moved by Palace miles away from where the "foul" occured.
  4. Ref is on the beach. Has no awareness at all.
  5. Yes, game is passing him by. Keeps breaking down the attack.
  6. Ref is clueless today. Terrible performance so far.
  7. BBC not even watching the game "Southampton give it away again on the edge of their own box as Jannik Vestergaard completely misses his touch and Christian Benteke pounces. Jack Stephens does really well to block his effort."
  8. WTF? No foul. Total dive again.
  9. Dive Zaha again. Commentators oblivious despite replay.
  10. Still, it makes Jack Stephens feel better 😄
  11. So, they shove us all over the box but nothing given. One challenge at the other end and its a pen. VAR's great eh..
  12. Commentary team on Sky doing their best to get Vest his summer move.
  13. Haven't see him to be honest. Bit of a waste to play him when we he isn't going to be here next year.
  14. Presume that Tella has been rested or is injured. There is a noticeable lack of spark and effort among the players.
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