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  1. Great attacking play. With a bit more focus at the back we'd have won. Defence remains a problem but great to be the ones getting the late equaliser!
  2. We have improved as Chelsea tire. But ultimately we've not put the ball in the net and I still fully anticipate a Chelsea 4th after a mistake at the back. The life of a Saints fan
  3. My laptop died. Looks like I missed a couple of goals. Ah.. typical saints not to be able to hold on.
  4. And a budget above. Whilst they can choose and buy their targets. We have to scrabble around for the cheap gambles. But thats just where we are at until we get bought by a billionaire
  5. Does seem to be heading that way.. could easily be 3 nil Chelsea already.
  6. When you think of the mega money signings most of the Premier League teams make. We've got to be underdogs for almost every game we play. Chelsea tearing us apart.
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