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  1. Yes, it does seem we may have misjudged his quality level rather badly. If he's blaming the weather for poor performance/struggling then that doesn't bode well!
  2. Silly mistake to make. But we were throwing everyone forward.
  3. Frustrating not to get anything from the game. But given the injuries etc. we played well enough.
  4. Considering the people we are missing. We've done remarkably well!
  5. That was the chance for the equaliser. Gone.
  6. He has been an excellent signing. Only cost us about £5m I think?
  7. I know I am biased but the ref has given them by far the better decisions here. Everything against us this half.
  8. Leicester look like they may go on and win this comfortably. We've barely mustered an attack.
  9. Silly from Bertrand. But do sense the ref is starting to come under their influence. We've not created much this half. Think it's slipping away unfortunately.
  10. Pitch looks awful. But I think that's actually real.
  11. Diallo needs to chill. Looking like we'll be down to 10 shortly... Leicester players idiots.
  12. On the positive side we have developed a really great passing game this season. Neat little one-twos. Lots of creativity on the pitch. Pressing and intelligent movement. Really great to see the team playing this way. If we could just add some more goals. In order to push on from here though, that's going to mean investment in depth and quality. I'm not even sure funds are available? Still, one game at a time. Hopefully we can find a cutting edge second half.
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