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  1. For a squad that was desperately thin last year, we seem to have lost even more so far...
  2. Both Kane and especially Maguires pens were joyous. Love how he took out the camera. Absolutely hammered it!
  3. Yes seems unfair on the young lad. Where was Grealish, Shaw, Sterling etc.
  4. Walker and Henderson would have done a better job. Awful penalties.
  5. Oh dear. I can't watch. Just entering self protection mode which says we've already lost.
  6. Yep. Last seconds.. play it into the box! Made it easy for them. Need some subs on the freshen things up.
  7. It's a dangerous patch. Denmark could easily get us on the counter and then just sit back. England playing with real zip and quality.. just needs that final ball. Great they are at least trying after years of going out with barely a whimper.
  8. Fantastic goal. Whatever happens this is by far our best attacking team for years.
  9. Danes have played this perfectly so far. Soaked up the early pressure and waited for our mistakes.
  10. Ah... that's not in the script. Stupid free kicks to give away.
  11. If he has made it clear he wants to leave then we need to sell and move on now. Use the wages and money to replace and strengthen. Can't be relying on just one injury prone player who has no long term plans with us.
  12. To be fair, even Ramsdale would have put that one away.
  13. Actually suits him I think. He's not blessed with great pace but has good control and dribbling ability.
  14. Sterling has been saving himself all season for the euros.
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