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  1. Hi, are there any Saints supporters out there who are thinking going to The Milan game. I am going to get the boat and drive down, so if you what to go and share cost, petrol etc, give me a shout on beansoups@localdial.com. Soupsy
  2. Are there any other Saints fans making the Trip from Jersey this weekend ?
  3. Can I just point out that the Channel Islands were part of the Norman Empire when William conqured the English mainland, therefore the UK is therefore part of the Channel Islands and not visa versa.
  4. I am looking for 2 tickets for 2 Saints fans who live abroad and were too daft to buy Area final tickets. Any offers greatly received at beansoups@localdial.com.
  5. Its too late to pay Sterling tonite, Banks cut off at 4pm. Will be tomorrow now.
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