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  1. Remember me? I've been stuck for a long time in Royston Vasey, and one of the disturbing things I have discovered is how much Paul Cook sounds like Barbara the trans-something taxi driver....
  2. When Dan the legend made his decision, he was only talking about two clubs barely a dozen places apart in the football pyramid (Occasionally we forget that)
  3. I can't wait for the day that it finally sinks into their thick skulls that their glory days were before England last won a World Cup. There is no comparison with a modern Premier League club competing in Europe with twice the fanbase and a very bright future ahead Strictly speaking their glory days were before England even entered the world cup (1950 if you are interested)
  4. I was talking to a very knowledgeable Oxford fan - they have spent quite a bit, and he said several others including Bury and Luton are also giving it large. He reckoned ten teams were in with a real shout. He also said Taylor had joined Oxford by choice having turned down a new contract at Skates.
  5. I hate to say it, but the Trust's accounts will be very dull. It's the football club's accounts we'd like to see.
  6. They really have sold their one big chance for developing that site
  7. What do you mean? That image is a masterpiece..... (And worth re-showing)
  8. caught pleasuring himself with an ugly male goat The big philosophical question is, Would it have been more or less of a disgrace if it had been an attractive male goat?
  9. ‘I’ve come here to achieve things.' What on earth can he achieve? Has he heard about the now traditional open-top bus tour to celebrate not being relegated/ thrown out of the league? It truly is like they are given a set of lines to read. Or they don't say anything worth reporting to the News and they make it up.
  10. They're not very happy, though, are they? Not much laughter from those having the last laugh...
  11. He sort of has a point, but also misses the point. I am certain the Liebherr's are in it to make money (or at the very least, not lose it), but that is not necessarily wrong . (It's no wonder they don't get it, given their history). Making money usually goes with success. Reaching the Champion's League would be successful in football and financial terms. I have never had a problem supporting a well-run club, living within its means, as it pushes forwards. I think at the moment, when look at the tables, that the last laugh might just be on them.
  12. I just thought I'd print the headline - it brightened my day no end..... ‘Must-win’ game ends in defeat for Pompey
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